TH-103PB1 and Panasonic TH-50PB2 make the interactive capabilities and the communicative experience offering large format monitors suitable for use in corporate and educational environments.

Panasonic TH 50PB2

The latest additions of Visual-Panasonic System Solutions the PB series are monitors large-scale TH-103PB1 103-inch and 50-inch TH-50PB2. The latter incorporates function slate without computer, a refinement of the line-up of interactive displays for educational contexts.

PB series capabilities provide a great communication experience, both for the speaker and audience businesses and applications of the educational environment.

Panasonic large display formatIn these teams not only you can record information directly on the data presented on the screen, but also can save the annotations on a PC and share the second. In addition, the possibility of collaborative web meetings minimizes the need for trips of business and even videoconferencing, annotations, images and documents can be shared online via the interactive display, PC or tablet

The pen that comes with the TH-103PB1 TH-50PB2 screens offers a smooth, intuitive, natural writing and great precision, which helps to avoid operating errors and is very easy to configure because it does not need calibration.
Another feature provided by these monitors from Panasonic is its wireless compatibility. Writing can be added from tablets in the field of education or screen presentation during a corporate use.

Panasonic interactive displayAunque ofrecen muchas características novedosas, como los altavoces incorporados, que están presentes en la nueva serie de displays interactivos, la tecnología de pantalla principal estándar sigue siendo una de sus características más impresionantes. La tecnología Panasonic de displays de plasma de la serie PB ofrece nítidas imágenes Full-HD con una reproducción fiel del color una reflexión mínima que permanece viva y natural, incluso cuando se ve desde distintos ángulos.

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By • 31 May, 2013
• Section: Display, Training

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