The tour Out TherePaul McCartney performed at the beginning of may in Brazil, told to his staging with ColorWash and of Robe ColorSpot lights.

It turns world called Out There that Paul McCartney began in Brazil with three shows and a design of lighting striking created by Roy Bennett, included luminaries Robe ColorSpot and ColorWash.

Those shows were supervised by Roy Benett and operated by the director of lighting Wally Lees. The lighting equipment was provided by the Brazilian company LPL Professional Lighting and this included luminaries Robe ColorSpot and ColorWash, along with other mobile and generic lights.

Erich Bertti, designer of LPL, was present in them three shows giving support to them technical foreigners, to make the first presentation of Paul tMcCartney both in Belo horizon (mines Gerais) as in Goiania (Goias) and Fortress (Ceará).

For the production is employed 12 x Robe ColorWash 2500E AT for the floor, 09 x ColorSpot 2500E AT for them trusses located on the stage and 20 x ColorWash 1200E AT that is distributed in the trusses side and in them of followspots.

Creative lighting

The Front of House technician for the lighting show was Thomas Walls, who has worked in the industry for the past 26 years with bands like Metallica, The Killers and Luis Miguel. "In United States and Europe work with a system of lighting more, with some 20 or 30 lights mobile more, but is had that adapt the mounting for it revolves Brazilian according to what is could carry." "In itself, the programming of the show already is made, so Wally, that in addition to be the director of lighting is the programmer, simply check that all is well for when Roy arrives to the stadium", explains Thomas Walls.

Designer lighting, Roy Bennett, began to create the lights project in February this year. This design includes several classic elements of the show that have been appearing in recent years, along with some new, including more video than before.

Roy pointed out that due to travel that must be made, may not be all its own system, only some specific devices as grandMA2 consoles, so many things are rented locally.

Guillermo Traverso, regional manager of sales for Latin America Robe, brings the creative highlight is Roy with lighting: "The devices were taken to an extreme level where they had to act with LED high-resolution screens upstage ... and even smoke could be seen the projections and the colors they produced. "

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By • 4 Jun, 2013
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