The chain of theme restaurants Tommy Mel´s has used the Mask Apart 6 speakers and amplifiers from Crest to diffuse ambient sound of the settlement which has just opened in Leon.

Restaurant Tommy Mels Apart sound

The environment and decor of Tommy Mel´s establishments take age 50 Americans as reference. In its restaurants you can see objects from the period and a very original furniture. And to complete this scenario, rock & roll is the music that dominates and which spreads through the local through speakers Mask 6 of Apart. The origin of these melodies comes from an original machine imported directly from the United States and restored to be used by customers.

Speakers Apart 6 MaskThe sound installation of boxes Mask 6, amplified by means of power amplifiers CrestHe has been in charge of the company Siluj.

Mask enclosures are specially designed to provide the installer a speaker that offers a clear and crystalline, sound suitable for ambient music as well as higher levels of sound, and allows both indoor and outdoor installation.

They have a powerful subwoofer of treated paper Cone and a dome tweeter silk one inch 'Ferrofluid'-cooled and mounted on a Vari-throat horn which provide a high SPL and very low distortion.

Restaurant Tommy Mels Its phase alignment and wide frequency range ensures faithful reproduction of the entire sound spectrum. The Vari-throat horn and mount an inclination angle of 5 ° the woofer and tweeter guarantee perfect sound dispersion, without mounting the enclosure with a large angle.

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By • 20 Jun, 2013
• Section: Audio

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