Visuartech is an augmented reality application developed by the company Visuar for the sectors of architecture, engineering and design and provide more innovation and realism and impact projects.

Visuarspecialized in the development of products and applications of augmented reality with headquartered in Cartagena (Murcia), has started marketing of Visuartech Augmented Reality, designed so that studios and offices of architects, engineers, designers, decorators, etc. can create and present their projects without the use of physical models in an innovative way.

One of the advantages of Visuartech linked to the design and the construction sectors, is that they can be present and show your customers all the details of his work as if it were complete, even with different options of finish and materials applicable to the project, and look at them from different angles and to the desired size.

As noted from the company, "in Visuar we have worked to develop a tool useful augmented reality and within the reach of everyone, and it is now when we started marketing on a large scale."

Visuartech shows the projects actually augmented "as if they could play, but also the customer can rotate and scale them only with their hands, and can decide how and where you want to see them", point out.

This augmented reality app is designed so that "all professionals and firms can have and use this technology in a simple, practical and without large investments, and regardless of the size of the company".

In this sense, Visuar offers the application via subscription, with a free trial, and different pack professional, Premium and customized to the customer's demand, available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

On the Visuar website you can download a file with characteristics that must comply with the 3D models, your texturing, lighting and even animation.

Some of them are that the file should be. FBX; the scale of the models must be in cm or mm. (the project must always have the same scale), or that the geometry must be primitive type, converted to polygons or geometry created through Nurbs, etc.

Visuar will present these sectors of construction and design possibilities offered by this application of technology of augmented reality on June 26 in the centro cultural Las Claras de Murcia.

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By • 25 Jun, 2013
• Section: Business, Augmented reality

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