On Tuesday July 2, the digital artist Luis Mendoza taught in Madrid a conference that aims to introduce participants to the world of projection mapping and visual applied to architectural structures.

Luis Mendoza Videomapping Conference

At this conference, the company strokes held under the title Mom, I want to be videomapperThe Venezuelan video artist will tour the production of a draft videomapping and explain the different techniques and tools involved in the process: formats, codecs, devices, software, etc. The conference is aimed at all those designers who want to enter for the first time in the world of videomapping.

Luis Mendoza is audiovisual communicator and creative director The RGB Corp. Born in Venezuela, has over 10 years experience working as a DJ and VJ, designing visual components of bands at numerous festivals, clubs and galleries in Spain, United States, Croatia, Switzerland and Venezuela, among others.

In 2007 he founded, along with Alberto Alonso, the collective multimedia art The RGB Corp, dedicated to mapping, visual audiorreactivos and interactive, video scratching, the live visuals, audiovisual shows and LED installations, among others. The group has developed projects for brands and institutions such as the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, ​​Disneyland Paris, Cadena 100 and Thyssenkrupp.

Luis Mendoza Videomapping ConferenceThe videomapping is a recently coined term which is defined as the art of audiovisual project on an architectural space. Crossroads that integrates motion graphics, sound effects and visual effects, the videomapping is postulated as an attractive branch of street art, but also as the future of urban advertising.

shopping centers, eighteenth-century palaces, modernist buildings, quaint shacks, abandoned industrial buildings ... Any surface is suitable for videomapper. With a projector and a computer, the videomapper is introduced into the facades digital drawing arabesques playing with the doors and windows of the city.

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By • 28 Jun, 2013
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