Robe Lighting has appointed a new CEO for its delegation in the United States, Bob Schacherl, replacing Harry von den Stemmen which will take responsibility for the company's international sales.

The manufacturer of moving lights Robe Lighting It has appointed Bob Schacherl CEO of its operational base in the United States, since until now, Harry ran von den Stemmen which pass to the post of director of the company's international sales, as well as take responsibility for implementing the same philosophies and strategies of Robe through international operations throughout 2014.

The career of Bob Schacherl has been developed in two leading brands in the industry for the past 28 years (Philips Entertainment and High End Systems), and now will continue to steal, as the company is positioned to continue to expand and strengthen all its global markets over the next year.

Josef Valchar, founder and CEO of Robe Lighting, has expressed his satisfaction by having Bob Schacherl in his team. "His reputation and character speak for themselves, it has a natural synergy with the mode in which you are working in Robe... and is a perfect combination!"

Robe has recently launched a new subsidiary in Dubai and Soren Storm has appointed as manager of International Business Development. Incorporating Bob Schacherl is the latest step in its strategy to continue to grow as in the past three years.

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By • 4 Nov, 2013
• Section: Lighting, Business

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