Jean Silver audiovisual technologies used to encourage purchases and convey your brand message. To do this, you have installed a videowall whose contents are generated and managed by YCD Multimedia solutions and ScreenPlay.

YCD and ScreenPlay shop in Silver Jean

The manufacturer of jeans for market denim Silver Jeans has incorporated into its store at The Woodlands Mall (Woodlands - Texas) mall a new concept of audiovisual sale and to that end, it has installed the content management system YCD / CMS YCD Multimedia.

This new concept has the pillars one videowall, placed as the centerpiece of the store to attract customers through music and video showing the history of the company, creating a multi-sesorial environment.

YCD and ScreenPlay shop in Silver Jean

All contents services displayed on the screen are managed by ScreenPlay Entertainment which it has created a program that includes elaborate music videos and news items brand. The goal was to create an audiovisual experience that will give a personal touch where rock music merged with timeless classics.

YCD Multimedia and Entertainment ScreenPlay partnered to provide images and sound of this experience.

The concept of loft of 468 square meters highlights the innovation of the latest collection of Silver Jean and gives consumers a personalized approach line brand clothing with a timeless and comfortable design.
This is the first store in which Silver Jeans has introduced this concept but its goal is to move this strategy to other stores.

YCD and ScreenPlay shop in Silver Jean“El uso de los medios de comunicación audiovisual es una parte cada vez más importante que se integra en el mundo de los comercios. El proceso de compra de las prendas de vestir, calzado y otras industrias se combina con mensajes e información, que acompañan al cliente durante su visita a la tienda, para reforzar la marca y ayudar en la toma de decisiones , así como para entretenerlo y hacer de su estancia una experiencia agradable”, explica Sam Losar, presidente de YCD USA.

In addition to customer-oriented, with video entertainment and corporate information, content, software YCD provides a method of reproduction on demand that allows to use the video wall as internal communication tool that allows store personnel to be informed about products and promotions brand. In this way, they can provide better customer service.

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By • 13 Nov, 2013
• Section: Audio, Cases of study, Digital signage, Display, Dynamic advertising

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