In order to provide the new headquarters of the CEC of greater functionality, Vitelsa has been responsible for the integration of audiovisual and communications systems of the building.

Vitelsa AV systems in CEC

October was inaugurated the new headquarters of Association of Economists of Catalonia (CEC), public corporation which currently has more than 6,300 professionals dedicated to different aspects of the economy and enterprise. The CEC promotes training and retraining of their members as well as the presence of the group in the Catalan civil society. To do this, it organizes events and conferences related to economic and social development of Catalonia as well as training and development of their affiliated projects.

As a result of a collaboration agreement signed in July, Vitelsa It has been responsible for carrying out the integration of audiovisual and communications systems of the new headquarters.

Vitelsa AV systems in CEC

The building, located in the Galla Placidia Square in the Barrio de Gracia in Barcelona, ​​was designed by the study Roldán + Berengué Architects with an innovative design. It has been built as a superimposed sequence boxes two storeys with a glass facade modules that opens to a wooded and pedestrian space. Its 3,000 m2 offer rooms of different sizes collegial, open offices and adaptable forums, distributed in six plants multipurpose spaces equipped and advanced digital equipment.

Vitelsa AV systems in CEC

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Provide greater functionality and efficiency to facilities was the challenge I had to face Vitelsa in this project of the College of Economists of Catalonia. For optimal development of activities, Vitelsa has provided the main auditorium of the building with a projection solution, installed on the roof, Full HD 7,000 lumens, and has implemented a system in the room hi-fi sound system JBL, Composed of 8 speakers and 2 subwoofer, and a fully equipped fixed and wireless microphones.

At the lectern and table the presidency has placed a set of six microphones Shure and three 22-inch monitors that allow tracking of events and presentations made in the room. The new site also has six training rooms, for which Vitelsa has made the technical transfer of the three rooms of the former headquarters and has equipped other three with a projection system WXGA 3,000 lumens of light output.

The six rooms are interconnected via the control booth with the audience, enabling the exchange of audio, video and data between different campuses and offering great flexibility in tracking meetings and presentations inside and outside the new building.

As for communications in the control booth of the auditorium is located a technical rack supporting electronics and wiring signal management, which highlights the video matrix Category 5 and a climber of video signals Kramer. It has also implemented a system of automatic control AMX on iPad, which enables simple, centralized management of mobile and technological resources of the room.

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By • 27 Nov, 2013
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