Dynamic digital communication technology and its backers have helped boost the willingness of people to make donations by urgent and different social causes, but in a visual, interactive way and in real time, as evidenced by the campaign ' The social swipe' the NGO Misereor in Hamburg and Amsterdam airports.

The interactive displays distributed at the international airports of Hamburg and Amsterdam have been the ideal digital media of the campaign ' The social swipe' for charity Misereor, in which the citizens have could perform with its card of credit, of way safe and in time real a donation digital and interactive of two euros in each action.

The idea of combining the technology of digital signage with the stimulate the willingness of people to donate part of the German Agency Kollam Rebbe. This creative and solidary action of ambient marketing aims to attract resources from 40% of the population who make payments via Mastercard credit cards.

Digital support for the campaign ' The social swipe' are pictures of a bar of bread to feed with hands tied with a rope with messages 'Dales of eating' and 'Liberate' them, respectively, with a central slot to pass credit card and transfer immediately to Misereur a donation of two euros, at the time that shuts off a piece of bread and cut the tie.

Whenever you pass the credit card is activated a visible and short animation for the donor, in which a hand picks up the slice of bread for a family of Peru and the other releases a captive child in Philippines, fruit of the donation made to cut the image with the card with a message of thanks.

The implementation of this transfer of two euros is with American mobile payments provider Stripe.com. This has been integrated into the interactive displays a slot for reading credit cards and software created specifically so that donors could use it, as a symbolic knife, which transfers to turn a printed message of the monthly statement of credit card

As Sascha Hanke, creative director of Kolle Rebbe explains "the implementation was difficult and laborious, because the whole process: donation, animation, card reading, secure transfer ... had to be synchronized perfectly as it begins in a fraction second". The campaign has been so positive that a large number of donors has decided to make this donation monthly.

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By • 15 May, 2014
• Section: Cases of study, Digital signage, Display, Dynamic advertising

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