The manufacturer of professional audio systems Ecler-Electro-Acoustic Laboratory has available the new version of the EcleNet Manager (v2.17r6) application, as well as digital audio NXA4-400 manager.

There are two developments Ecler It is available for EclerNet software and hardware platform: the new version of EclerNet v2.17r6 Manager and manager NXA4-400 digital audio. In the first case, improvements have been incorporated operation and management function layers or layers in graphics editing user panels (UCP), greatly simplifying this part of the programming of the devices.

The new Layers feature allows the CPU section create graphic layers within the pages containing the virtual system controls so that you can create a layer and add controls within it; create a layer within another layer 'mother', and copy and paste layers to edit minor changes between them.

For example, a layer containing a group of controls can be replicated simply by changing the screen position copy (XY) and the parameters under control and it is even possible to copy an entire page as a new layer, with the advantages described above regarding management layers.

On the hardware EclerNet, the company has now available the new digital audio manager NXA4-400, closing the NXA series with a model that offers 4 × 420 W power.

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By • 23 May, 2014
• Section: Audio

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