The WMS420 series of AKG inherits technology and superior sound of this manufacturer of audio systems, represented in Spain by neotechnic, which are combined into a highly flexible, easy to use and has the best performance in its price range system.

Neotecnica AKG WMS 420 set diadema

The WMS 420 wireless system AKG, Available in the Spanish market through dealer in audio systems NeotecnicaIt is suitable as a multi-channel solution for live music as well as tribunes of speakers, events, etc. The complete family consists of stationary receiver SR 420 with removable external antennas, handheld transmitter HT 420 and PT 420 bodypack transmitter.

The HT 420 handheld transmitter incorporates the D5 capsule, high-end, found in higher AKG models. Its supercardioid polar pattern ensures maximum gain before feedback, as well as reduced handling noise. Both transmitters (handheld and beltpack) incorporate a battery charging system for contacts, which avoids having to remove the battery for charging.

AKG WMS 420 transmitters neotechnic hand and petaca

WMS420 es el único modelo del mercado que incorpora esta característica profesional, entre todos los sistemas del mismo rango de precio. Su gran facilidad de configuración y uso son también un punto a tener muy en cuenta, sobre todo para empresas que ofrecen servicios de sonorización, pero que no tienen las giras y conciertos como principal negocio. Por otra parte, gracias a su bajo coste de mantenimiento, este sistema es muy atractivo para instalaciones y empresas de eventos.

The work area has been extended through the use of antennas optimized for frequency range. Removable receiver antennas allow the use of professionals such as splitters and directional antennas for remote systems with multiple channels accessories.

Products WMS 420 series are available in a set of receiver and transmitter control capsule D5 or three different sets with beltpack transmitter: the set headset includes condenser microphone high performance C555L, family applications requiring hands free; presenter set includes professional C417L lapel microphone, and guitar set includes an instrument cable.

System Specifications WMS420

AKG WMS 420 set presentador

  • Frequency bands: A: 530,025 – 559,000 MHz; U1: 606,100 – 613,900 MHz; U2: 614,100 – 629,900 MHz;B1: 748,100 – 751,900 MHz; B2: 774,100 – 777,900 MHz; M: 826,300 – 831,000 MHz; D: 863,100 – 864,900 MHz.
  • Sistema diversity: For antenna switching
  • RF output: 10, 20 or 50 mW (depending on the frequency band).
  • Audio frequency response: 40 – 20 000 Hz.
  • Tuning range: Up to 30 MHz (depending on the frequency band).
  • Maximum number of channels: Up to 8 compatible in the same frequency band channels.

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