Jung has developed the amplifier KNX Multiroom, audio equipment that incorporates a web radio tuner and an MP3 player, in addition to four stereo inputs.

The KNX Multiroom amplifier of Jung It allows to distribute sound simultaneously and specifically for each room of an office or trade. Incorporates, in a rack of 19 "with connection direct KNX, a tuner of radio web and a player of MP3, besides four inputs stereo for others so many devices of reproduction, as equipment Hi-Fi, MP3, DVD, computers, etc. that have of connectors standard RCA (Cinch).

The Jung KNX Multiroom amplifier offers an attractive variety of entertainment, information and support options. To the sound from of the four sources external is added the 16 stations tunable from his radio by Internet. Also plays MP3 sound files directly from the integrated SD card reader, whose contents can also record or update at any time via FTP without removing the memory of the amplifier.

The common functions such as changing the radio station or the selection of a file to play, as well as stopping or pausing playback, is accessed from the front panel of the amplifier Jung KNX Multiroom or from each room, through controls similar to the rest of functions domotic of the KNX as the lighting control system , the blinds, temperature, etc. thanks to the integration of the equipment in the bus KNX.

Depending on the model chosen, there are available four or eight stereo speaker outputs, which can be placed in as many rooms. In the case of eight output model, the first two can be derived to a second amplifier to improve sound quality in large rooms or simply to increase the number of rooms that provide virtually unlimited audio form. In any case, a single KNX system wiring for the speakers is required if already installed.

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By • 4 Jun, 2014
• Section: Audio

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