The projector's ultra short range Sony VPL-GTZ1 combines imaging technology SXRD 4K with a phosphorus laser light source, providing 2,000 lumens of brightness of color.


Sony It has combined the best of its projection 4 K, light source technology laser and ultra short projection, in the new model VPL-GTZ1 capabilities. A team that has been designed for a wide variety of commercial applications and B2B as museums, simulation designs, dynamic communication, industry, oil and gas, simulation and training, as well as corporate applications and video panels.

The VPL-GTZ1 combines imaging technology SXRD 4K with a phosphorus laser light source. The result is 2,000 lumens of brightness of color and great image quality. New Sony projector can display images in high resolution with a diagonal angle up to 3.7 meters, as well as a 1.7 m zoom if projected format 17:9, which is achieved when the projector is at a distance of 177,8 mm screen, by any white flat surface.

Ultra short range can be close to the screen, which will have great advantages for presentation applications and, in addition, offers the possibility to check the details of the 4 K image from even closer without degrading the image.


Its discreet design fits almost any installation environment, and a very quiet operating fan guarantees that it will not ruin the user experience. The operation and installation of flexible new model allow use of foot, on the roof or rear projection.

Los usuarios pueden fusionar imágenes de varios proyectores y su rápida función de encendido/apagado resulta muy útil para una amplia gama de aplicaciones. Al igual que otros proyectores con fuente de luz láser de Sony, el VPL-GTZ1 puede ofrecer un funcionamiento de 20.000 horas de uso sin mantenimiento y sin la necesidad de sustituir la lámpara.

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By • 16 Jun, 2014
• Section: Projection

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