Share previous between two or more systems, create layers of faders custom for each snapshot and work with it surface S3 as interface of audio and driver EuCon autonomous are some of the features that Neotecnica will have available through Avid in the third quarter of 2014 for the system of mixing and production of direct S3L.

Avid range S3L Neotecnica

Avid has announced the launch of the updates of software Venue.4.5 and EuControl 3.2 for the system of mixing and production of direct S3L, that will be available in the market Spanish through Neotecnica in the third quarter of this year.

The known qualities of S3L, such as 64-track recording to Pro Tools via Ethernet and the sound of its engine processing HDX, joined now functions as ' I/O sharing' and 'gain tracking', which allow multiple S3L systems are connected in a network Ethernet AVB can share the racks of inputs and outputs. To what is sum also the capacity of work with plug-ins AAX of 64 bits, and is dota to the surface S3 of functionality to operate as driver and interface of audio autonomous, compatible with Pro Tools and them DAWs more popular.

Gain tracking: independence of mixture

Avid S3L AVB Ring RedundantSeveral systems S3L can now work to networked, with their respective operators, and they all can share the remote racks of inputs and outputs Stage16, with independent gain settings for each system. Specifically, the changes of gain made by a technical not affect to other technical (FOH and monitors, for example), although are working on them same previous shared.

This is possible thanks to 'gain tracking' functionality (monitoring of gain), which performs an automatic compensation across all channels. Technicians do not have to worry about this aspect and always keep your individual gain control input in the range of + 10 dB to + 60 DB.

The exceptional dynamic range of S3L system allows such compensation while maintaining an always optimal sound quality. This feature is unique and brand distances with respect to the 'digital trim' solution that used other systems, since the latter has a limited dynamic range that can easily be overcome by analog gain fluctuations, giving rise to distortion digital or audio cuts.

Greater customization

He software Venue 4.5 offers the possibility of customize the layer of faders of the surface S3 for each snapshot, according to the preferences and needs of each technical and each time. This function allows to access faders and other important controls without having to go to different banks (layers) of the system.

Also is possible an access more quickly to those channels thanks to the function ' spill' for VAC and groups, that allows assign VCAs and groups to faders specific selected by the user. Another innovation at the level of control is the possibility of transferring the band EQ graphic when making adjustments to the faders.

Avid S3L AVB Switch Redundant Star

Plugins with AAX64 support large

With the new support for 64-bit plugins AAX DSP available many more processing tools, directly deriving from developments for Pro Tools HDX systems, so it is now possible to re-create live the same processing study.

Another of them news is that now is possible use a unique system for mix and record performances live, as well as perform the mixing and post-production in study of the material recorded. Thanks to EuCon full support, that it comes through the EuCon 3.2 software update, surface S3 is not only control of the system of direct S3L, but also an advanced controller autonomous for Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase and other popular DAWs. In addition, the surface S3 can function as an audio interface 4 × 4, thus providing the possibility of recording in the Studio, hotel rooms, etc.

Along the third quarter of 2014 will be available them updates of software Venue 4.5 and EuControl 3.2, and in that time the buyers of a system S3L will receive these updates directly in their accounts of user Avid in the time of activate the pack of software and plugins of the system (included with the Engine E3).

Them users existing of systems S3L that have activated with before the pack of software and plugins of your system will receive them updates of software Venue 4.5 and EuControl directly in their accounts of user Avid to proceed to your download. This link offers information more detailed and outlines on the new possibilities of networking of the system SL3.

Avid S3L AVB Single Switch Star Non Redundant

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