While attending ISPO 2016, Beabloo is showing how your Omnichannel solution improves the impact of marketing strategies in the sports retail; while Moca Platform is publicizing the benefits beacons and provide proximity marketing.

ISPO It is an international event focused on the retail environment for the sport, which is being held until 27 January in Munich. Spanish companies Beabloo and Moca Platform They are participating in the ISPO Retail Lab 4.0, driven by Sportmas. This area is a space in which technologies that facilitate communication, interaction and dealing with customers in stores and sports facilities meet.

Omnichannel Beabloo is showing its marketing and analytics solution that enhances the impact of marketing strategies developed in the retail. It is a combination of technological solutions (WiFi, Video Analytics, digital signage ...) that enhance the consumer experience by analyzing their behavior. This facilitates decision making and optimize marketing resources. Thus, Beabloo helps increase the profitability of campaigns developed by brands.

Meanwhile, Moca Platform is publicizing the benefits beacons and proximity marketing can bring to sports retailers. His offer allows companies to reach their customers with personalized messages at the right time.

The platform collects information from mobile devices through sensors and applications, allows customer segmentation by defining their interests, geolocation and behavior and analyzing data to develop effective marketing campaigns.

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By • 26 Jan, 2016
• Section: Digital signage, Events, Dynamic advertising

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