The wholesaler sold in the Spanish market NAS systems for businesses and consumers, as well as NVRs, software and digital signage solutions from this Taiwanese manufacturer.

Qnap Systems iS-2820 Tech Data

Tech Data It has expanded its business proposal with the manufacturer's solutions QNAP SystemsSpecializing in network-attached storage (NAS), network video recording (NVR) and digital signage.

QNAP products improve the efficiency of applications such as file sharing, virtualization, storage management and video surveillance, among others. The offer also includes consumer products that enhance the experience of home users through model Multimedia Center.

In the NAS environment highlights the wide range, with models for business and home environments that operate with QTS operating system, applications like myQNAPcloud, which controls several NAS simultaneously and share files securely; File Station, which provides a preview of the working documents and access to cloud services; Qsync, to synchronize information from different teams, and Gmail Backup to back up and recover data when necessary, among others.

Qnap ContainerStation Tech Data

The range also includes software QNAP Virtualization Station, an application that applies concepts defined by (SDN) software to create flexible, cost effective and with unlimited potential networks. For its part, Container Station integrates virtualization technologies that enable light operate multiple isolated Linux systems on the NAS, and download applications from a central register.

NVR systems management software highlights the professional Surveillance Station to monitor remotely IP cameras in real time, recording and playback of video and images, allowing you to configure environments professional video surveillance 24 × 7.

QNAP Systems NAS TS-251The offer of QNAP complete with its range of solutions for digital signage, which includes basic systems such as IS-500, a solution unique display Full HD with options for editing and playback, remote upgrade, remote on / off screens and management hundred media players and mainstream systems (iS-1600 models, iS-1620, iS-1650 and iS-1900), which added support for two or three screens with Multimedia Zone option.

Digital signage systems include high-end IS-2820 and IS-2840, with Ultra High Resolution (UHD - 4K) models and 2K, also with optional multimedia and Multimedia Zone playback.

Pilar Martin, director of the Broadline of Tech Data Spain division, "the potential for application management multimedia data systems offer QNAP Systems significantly enriches our offer, and we will allow lead to channel the most advanced technologies in these fields, with the ability to reach a larger number of users and all kinds of customer environments. "

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By • 11 Mar, 2016
• Section: Storage, Digital signage, Display, Distribution signals, Business, Security

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