Is solution for centers hospital includes the recorder 4 K HVO-4000MT and the system of management of contents WSSD-MS20MD, that allow see on-site, record and manage the images through a network Ethernet with them monitors surgical 4 K LMD-X550MD of 55 inch and LMD-X310MD of 31 inches.

HVO-4000MT Sony 4K

With one resolution four times greater than the HD, 4K technology of Sony provides details when more is needed. The new commitment of the company improves the workflow doctor 4K with the surgical Recorder 4K HVO-4000MT and management system of contents WSSD-MS20MD, a few computers that can operate together to provide a complete 4K solution to medical professionals. This solution which offers a robust image processing system over IP to support high precision surgical procedures.

The HVO-4000MT is a team 4 K, 3D and 2D for use medical designed to record videos and images in 4 K of systems of cameras endoscopic and laparoscopic, microscopes surgical and others systems of catchment of images compatible.

Sony LMD X310MDThe captured images can be used for the purpose of records of patients, training or educational applications. It is a compact and portable computer that is suitable for use in operating rooms, medical centers, surgical centers, clinics, consultations and health settings.

The HVO-4000MT offers recording of long duration in its unit of disk hard inner of 4 TB, that provides a wide capacity of storage even in 4 K. The videos recorded is can export to a disc hard external USB, a memory flash or a server CIFS for its storage through the networks hospital. Also, the images is can share with others specialists and use is with purposes didactic, and transfer is to the system of management of contents.

The HVO-4000MT is has designed according to them normative of security medical and is has optimized for your application medical. Can capture video of high quality of long duration of cameras of high resolution in the Hall's operations. By connecting the recorder to a network, the images can be loaded so that can see them other medical professionals that are not present in the operating room.


Management of contents WSSD-MS20MD

By its part, the system of management of contained WSSD-MS20MD allows perform searches based on network and manage data of video 4 K recorded from recorders with the same resolution of use medical and others devices of recording. This tool optimizes efficient storage, management and archival stills and videos medical 4 K/HD.

The WSSD-MS20MD is capable of managing video content created by writers of medical use as the HVO 4000MT from Sony, as well as provide a video editing function. The transmission of content also can capture is in time real directly from them cameras IP connected and the coders live.

Thanks to the seamless integration into modern computing environments hospitals, including electronic health records (EHR), the CMDS-MS20MD is scaled to fit a lot of recorders and client terminals connected.

The server application running on a Windows environment, while the client is performed on the most popular web browsers. Since the WSSD-MS10MD meets the requirements of HIPAA, data is stored securely and access is limited to authorized persons.

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