During the fair is showcasing its range of server solutions full spectrum and is using the occasion to officially present version 4 software video creation Module Player and set of tools for 3D real-time video and interactivity, Modulo Kinetic.

The manufacturer of control solutions video and multimedia servers, form Pi, it has come to ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) 2017 with its range of full spectrum and marks the official launch of its latest multimedia server solution, Kinetic Module, which incorporates a modern interface, schedules, generative content, 3D engine and real-time interactivity. It is also revealing the latest version of its software for creating video for daily use, Modulo Player 4.

Pi Module products offer the reliability that customers need, whether an event ten minutes or the parade of the year's biggest fashion, a corporate event, experience or a permanent installation videomapping 24 by 7.

Kinetic module, an advanced toolbox high-end 3D video in real time and interactivity, offers nonlinear editing schedules for keyframes and allows video merge different approaches into a coherent environment.

"The real-time 3D engine allows Modulo Kinetic very realistic view content that the user can interact. We wanted a channel that would integrate the technologies used in the engines of AAA games. To do this, we have worked in collaboration with Allegorithmic para integrar los materiales 3D generados por Substance Painter y Substance Designer. Con Modulo Kinetic, ahora es posible cargar un activo de Substance e interactuar en tiempo real en los parámetros”, aclara Yannick Kohn, fundador y director de Modulo Pi.

Kinetic module can be used throughout the workflow, including analysis, simulation, multimedia creation, encoding and playback. Easy to use with its intuitive user interface, studying projections and 3D simulation, providing interactivity through a nodal simple to use programming easier. As in Modulo Player, you can create customized smartphones, computers or tablets simplified interfaces. It also provides a calibration function 3D projectors for a perfect execution of the final event.

Practical cases

Kinetic Module capabilities were tested for the tour of French singer Michel Polnareff in which funds were projected over 40 supervised complicated 3D cubes and mechanically synchronized, among other scenes.

Kinetic module is also suitable for fixed installations. The Puy du Fou, historical large-scale theme park in France famous for its great theater, also used his prelaunch to run and control its new original show for 2016, 'Le Dernier Panache' (The last daring).

The theme park, which is recognized internationally, boasts eight Modulo 4K Kinetic Vnode feeding eight projectors Christie Boxer 4K to unveil the scenes projected for the audience sits on a wide circular platform staggered style stands discovered a rotating 360 °. Kinetic module receives information from the orientation of the platform through OSC protocol in the corresponding screen to advance the story and manage projected.

For more than five years before the launch of Kinetic, the Puy du Fou also relied on Modulo Player to manage shows and entertainment projected. Other major French theme parks, Futuroscope and Parc Asterix and international museums have also relied on the power capabilities and control Module Player.

En su cuarta versión, Modulo Player es la solución de vídeo original para empresas, diseñada de forma intuitiva con una interfaz y un flujo de trabajo de fácil uso que facilita la comprensión y la sencillez. Un mezclador en vivo en tiempo real de baja latencia, presume de un sencillo control de los espectáculos a través de los dispositivos, tareas y cartografía digital, así como de una función x-map para una deformación 2D avanzada.

"Its main advantage is that it allows both simple and complex tasks at an affordable price, making it suitable for a variety of applications. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, operators can work quickly and easily in the solution, while advanced users will find all the tools you expect from a video solution, "says Kohn.

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By • 10 Feb, 2017
• Section: Control, Events, Production, Projection, Simulation

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