With spectacular lighting designs by Steve Lieberman and SJ Lighting, these electronic music festivals held recently in California and Florida have had hundreds of devices Elation Professional as a prominent part of the shows.

Electric Daisy Carnival festivals in Orlando (California); Dreamstate and Escape Psycho Circus (the latter in Florida) are a must by fans of electronic music event, where visual and lighting show are a key part of its success, as achievers designer Steve Lieberman and specialist SJ Lighting, in collaboration with Insomniac Events as promoter of these events, with systems Elation Professional (Marketed in Spain visualsvisuals).

Dreamstate music festival

This festival, held at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino (California), has had four simultaneous stages and design stunning lighting, explains its designer, Steve Lieberman, "We wanted a very dynamic design with strops numbers, laser and Led video displays to create a futuristic atmosphere that will enhance the music of trance music artists. "

The main stage Dream had 76 units moving head Spot type high brightness Elation Platinum Spot 35 Pro, "which gives me some projections gobos with geometric shapes of high quality and definition and also very attractive visually as a tracer effect along with the enclosure type smoke haze "said Lieberman.

To this eight bars Led high brightness and 180 cm they are added. Color Chorus length 72 of that manufacturer, who have bathed color various areas of the stage, a total of 144 units of the LED Par Opti TRI 30 installed inside the truss structures to color them.

"Opti TRI 30 is perfect us thanks to its small size and high brightness for mounting inside the truss sections of 50 cm. continues the designer-wide. Furthermore, we do is position them slightly off-axis so that its projection is reflected by nerves and aluminum tubes of these sections of truss ".

In the scenario used Sequence thirty units moving head hybrid type Platinum FLX who have provided all kinds of effects and projections in both type and Beam Spot.

Escape Psycho Circus music festival

also held at the NOS Events Center in the California city of San Bernardino, near Los Angeles, this festival combines electronic music and all kinds of funfair with a spectacular setting in all scenarios and exhibition.

For this, the Slaughterhouse scenario has had 184 bar high brightness LED and 180 cm. Color length Chorus 72, used to mark the perimeters of different video LED screens installed on stage. "These bars have high quality and very good construction and marking effect achieved geometric structures truss and video screens is spectacular," says Lieberman.

Cannibal's scenario for the Tea Party have been distributed forty Platinum Beam 5R moving head; twenty-four high brightness LED strobe Protron 3K; Par fourteen LED multi-chip (RGB + white + amber + UV) SixPar 300 and sixty units Epar TRI all Elation manufacturer.

Meanwhile, the Ghoul's Graveyard stage had 172 Par Led Opti TRI Par and 68 bars Eled TW Strip, with control over the color temperature of the white projection, with eighteen LED TRI-white (warm white, cool white and amber) 5 watts, for a total of 90 watts per bar.

Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando music festival

Although it is celebrated in cities around the world throughout the year, Orlando is a prominent stop this year took place on the premises Tinker Field, with performances by Above & Beyond, Nero and Hardwell among numerous electronic music artists invited.

The lighting design of the main stage featured Grounds Circuit 102 Color Led Chorus bars 72 and 90 Opti TRI Par, along with 61 units IP65 Elar 108 Par RGBW used in stage Neon Garden.

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By • 16 Mar, 2017
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