This innovative French company has developed a portable augmented reality, without glasses, to create optical illusions 3D holograms directly and play on any surface.

The technology of HoloLamp, Which he was presented in CES 2017 in Las Vegas, is based on advanced projection and eye tracking to create holograms and images of virtual and augmented reality, obtained from the computer to the lamp (with USB and HDMI input) is connected and without it being necessary to use glasses on any smooth surface.

This French company uses software game design Unity to create the objects displayed by the device because it is not really a projection of 3D objects, but its image is manipulated and implemented with HoloLamp through a controller, such as PlayStation 4; to four motion sensors and an integrated pico-projector added.

Applicable to educational simulations of elements and historical objects; to create 3D versions of human avatars as well as games, HoloLamp uses real physical objects to create new ways of interacting with the environment and create an immersive hands-free experience.

Como explica en un comunicado Guillaume Chican, cofundador de HoloLamp, “la industria de gafas inteligentes y auriculares ha trabajado incansablemente para ofrecer una experiencia de realidad aumentada, aunque no han tenido éxito en el desarrollo de un producto que usuario quiera realmente usar. La tecnología manos libres y sin gafas permite les permite involucrarse fácilmente con su entorno mientras usan HoloLamp, por lo que es una solución ideal para numerosos entornos empresariales y personales”.

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By • 27 Mar, 2017
• Section: Accessories, Augmented reality

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