The narrative development of the story, produced by the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater, has received 26 units Color 5 Profile have been dealt with 24 units located on the sides of the stage 12 side in groups of 4 devices, projection lens 19 ° opening and R119 diffusing filter. These teams were positioned 10 meters above the stage.

In the latest production of the ballet 'Alice in Wonderland' the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater has been used technology Elation Professional, mark represented by VisualsvisualsFor its staging.

Among the equipment used are ellipsoidal reflector 26 LED Color Profile 5 have provided various shades of color and white light with color temperatures during the various scenes ballet.

This ballet adaptation of the famous work of Lewis Carroll 'Alice in Wonderland' was created 20 years ago by the production team Inglés National Ballet in London. This latest production by the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater has had Herrick Goldman as lighting designer, choreographer Derek Deane and Curtis Dunn as director of production.

"It was a very interesting project to renew the lighting design of this work of ballet and bring her style to a modern and more dynamic. When the choreographer of this production, Derek Deane, emphasized find a type Las Vegas style for lighting, saw a good opportunity to incorporate luminaires with LED technology that would complement the large equipment available to the Benedum Center, "says Herrick Goldman.

The narrative development of the story in this ballet version allows many creative opportunities and varied color palettes, and for this the 26 units Color 5 Profile have been an element of great importance in lighting design.

"The representation begins with naturalistic colors and white light and then as the story unfolds, the lighting design is changing towards more colorful tones and more saturated with scenes like 'Tea Time' bathed in a color amber or red Queen illuminated with a highly saturated red "says Goldman.

The ellipsoidal reflector Color 5 Profile has a multi-chip (RGB + amber + mint) LED 180 watts of power, and that projects an infinite color palette and white with different color temperatures, and a reproduction rate color, CRI, 94.

Blades / framing shutters, space for Iris and gobo size "B", 5 dimmer curves, strobe and manual focus control, the Elation Color 5 Profile has different interchangeable lenses 19, 26, 36 and 50 ° of opening.

26 units of Color 5 Profile used in this production have been dealt with 24 units located in the sides of the stage, with 12 per side in groups of four devices, and projection lens 19 ° opening and diffusing filter R119, with the devices positioned 10 meters above the stage.

has also been used other unit Elation 5 Color Profile to project a gobo cenitalmente with another unit providing back lighting.

Gobo rotator, used together with a glass gobo and prisms and yellow hues and amber, installed on one of the Color Profile 5 for use as a visual effect in different scenes.

“El número de luminarias en esta producción ha estado por encima de las 500 unidades. Gracias a la posibilidades de cambio de color de proyección del Elation Colour 5 Profile no ha habido que incorporar un mayor número de proyectores elipsoidales tradicionales al montaje. Si por cada una de las 26 Colour 5 Profile tuviésemos que haber instalado unas 4 unidades de un proyector tipo Source Four, por ejemplo, cada una con diferente filtro de color, el montaje habría superado fácilmente los 600 aparatos”, aclara Curtis Dunn.

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By • 29 Mar, 2017
• Section: Cases of study, Lighting, Production

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