This pilot project, which begins in this public school in Barcelona for a proposal of this manufacturer of monitors and Charmex, wholesaler that sells exclusively in the Iberian market their systems, forward successfully in this school, which has just acquired Interactive Flat Panel Displays 65 ".

In order to modernize the center with new technologies to encourage student participation, the new board of public school Provençals of Barcelona has conducted a pilot project proposed by the company StarBoardWhose visual systems and markets matter exclusively Charmex in Spain and Portugal, and the sale and installation has been managed by the Visual System certified dealer.

The result of the pilot has been a success because it has been well received and a very positive response throughout the school to bring dynamism in student learning in generating content or exhibit the work they create. Proof of this was the recent acquisition of Interactive Flat Panel Displays Full HD 4K systems with 65, also the manufacturer Starboard, which will be available from next May.

Como explica Ana Labrador, del equipo directivo de la escuela Provençals de Barcelona, “hemos incorporado cuatro paneles táctiles StarBoard Led Full HD 4K en las aulas de Ciclo Medio. Tanto el profesorado como alumnado disfruta de las múltiples ventajas que este sistema de enseñanza nos brinda. Las clases son ahora más atractivas, vistosas y divertidas, con una gran variedad de contenidos y recursos”.

Audiovisual content such as educational applications, graphics, video, audio, games, etc; They provide a range of possibilities for each session is taught in the classroom. "The panels are an inexhaustible source of multimedia and interactive information immediately available in the classroom declares Labrador-, allowing you to leverage didactically materials even save or send by mail".

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By • 29 Mar, 2017
• Section: Cases of study, Display, Training

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