It is a solution 'all in one', developed by Macroservice, combining SmartMetals support and a touch screen monitor Elo IDS 02. A computer can be adjusted depending on the application needs and ensuring interactivity in educational settings and places with large numbers of people.

Macroservice It has developed a solution with montorizado electrical system, combining support SmartMetals and a touch screen monitor Elo IDS 02 (32 to 70 inches) to provide a convertible table kiosk and vice versa. The aim is to meet the needs of multiple applications in public spaces.

SmartMetals support (Tip & Touch stand), which has four wheels, has an electrically adjustable by motor (height table mm 660-1320) to accommodate touch monitor 32 to 70 inches horizontally.

The top of this support includes a bracket with fixing system Vesa (200, 400 and 600-400) and monitor can be tilted up to 90 °. Finished in black color, Tip & Touch stand can support a load of up to 60 kilograms.

The second element incorporating this solution are the IDS ELO touch screen 02, allowing incorporate screens 32 to 70 inches. These displays ensure interactivity in educational and places with large numbers of people environments. And, as an option, they can incorporate a computer module to provide a system 'all in one', without cables or additional mounting hardware.

The multitouch screen these monitors is characterized by detection of up to ten simultaneous touches, aspect ratio 16: 9 Full HD resolution of 1,920 × 1080 (1080p HD), 16.7 million colors and high brightness.

Elo IDS 02 models are compatible with virtually all content management servers and Web-based consoles to simplify the Internet in various applications.

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By • 3 Apr, 2017
• Section: General

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