To achieve high levels of sound pressure and intelligibility for the more than 30,000 fans who gather each party, they were installed on the deck of the stadium El Molinon 23 speaker clusters. The amplifiers chosen for this project were provided with Dante PM8500N PowerMatch card.

Spain's oldest stadium, El Molinon, home of Sporting Gijon has since early 2017 with a new Bose sound system, installed by the Asturian company GAM.

The department projects Bose en España, con una larga experiencia en sonorización de grandes espacios, ha diseñado para el estadio del Sporting de Gijón un sistema distribuido de altavoces de intemperie de la serie Bose LT, que permite dotar al campo de un sonido espectacular, y que logra unos altos niveles de presión sonora e inteligibilidad para los más de 30.000 aficionados que se dan cita en cada partido. En total, el proyecto cuenta con 23 clusters de altavoces instalados en la cubierta del estadio.

To optimize the system, a system of distributed amplification was designed, placing the amplifiers in racks located at each of the stands, as close to the speakers, so that cabling distances were the minimum possible and In turn, the wiring section also were lower.

The amplifiers chosen for this project were the PowerMatch PM8500N with Dante card, featuring a powerful DSP which protects the speakers in the case of misuse.

Each of the racks amplification signal reaches them from an optical fiber network installed for this project, using Dante as transport protocol. The signal generated in the control room, in which different signal sources and the microphone speaker club, a DSP Bose ControlSpace ESP processor that processes and generates different signals that are injected into the network is injected fiber.

Bose technology brand, whose brand distributed in Spain Gaplasa, It is installed in various stages, highlighting the Santiago Bernabeu Spain, and recently the BBVA Bancomer in Mexico Monterrey Stadium.

For such projects, Bose uses his electro-acoustic design Modeler tool, which allows to configure the most suitable system according to project needs and adapt to the limitations that appear.

In addition, the Bose Auditioner tool, which lets you hear how it will sound the system is used in these projects so that those responsible for making the final decision to have all the information and experience needed, without having technical knowledge of audio.

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By • 10 May, 2017
• Section: Audio, Cases of study, Control, Distribution signals

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