For the scene of the largest room of this emblematic space used eight Scenius Profile, while at its entrance are located six mobile foci A.Leda B-Eye K-10.

Claypaky Capitol Theater lights up Madrid

The Capitol Theater is one of the most neuralgic and busiest places in Madrid, Gran Via. It has a main hall of 1,360 seats, where shows and film screenings alternate, and two other rooms with 213 and 215 seats respectively .

In this versatile environment, lighting should have a chameleonic and powerful capability that meets the needs of the environment. And to meet these requirements has chosen technology Claypaky, brand distributed by Stonex.

To illuminate the scene of the largest room of this emblematic space used eight Scenius Profile, fast and quiet device, suitable for all kinds of shows, including theater performances in which noise is very crucial technical material.

Claypaky Capitol Theater lights up Madrid

Among its features is its high CRI and allow motorized blades provide optimum cutting definition. It has a variety of effects, with its two wheels rotating gobos including, each, six interchangeable gobo, a prism and a wheel rotation interchangeable effects.

The Scenius Profile produces a color temperature of 6500 K does not vary as time elapses. The optical reflector has been designed specifically for this product in order to create a uniform throughout the beamwidth, avoiding the hot spot effect projection.

One of the most outstanding features is its zoom from 8 to 50 ° and the large depth of field it has. Colors projected by the Scenius Profile cover a wide spectrum of color that include pastel shades and offers a smooth color transition when moving from one another.

On the other hand, at the entrance of this long-lived space are installed six A.Leda B-Eye Claypaky K-10. These moving lights offer a great show of light and color, thanks to its wash effect and its beam.

Its zoom ranges from 4 to 60 ° making it ideal for a wide variety of spaces and uses. This device is brighter than most similar wash LED, thanks to its special optical drive with a high ratio lumen / watt.

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By • 29 May, 2017
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