This interactive computer all in one is designed to operate in a network infrastructure, connected via Ethernet or WiFi, hotels, shops, restaurants, fairs, events, health centers or museums.

Videotel VP90

The VP90 is the ultimate multimedia player Videotel and according to your own manufacturer is the most innovative and advanced digital signage designed for your line.

Videotel VP90This media player 4K / 1080, which will be displayed in InfoComm 2017 in Orlando (Florida), it is an industrial grade computer designed as an interactive all in one solution that is part of a network infrastructure.

The VP90 can update content remotely from a network connection through the web server, FPT or web application. Not limited by proximity, you can also update it in multiple drives simultaneously across multiple locations. You can connect via Ethernet or WiFi connection and can continue to autoplay, even if these connections are lost.

This equipment is intended for use in hotels, shops, restaurants, fairs, events, health centers and museums.


  • Resolución 4K / 1080p.
  • Remote access to content (drag and drop).
  • Interactive with Push, Move, Wave and Sense & Elevate.
  • Can build automatic playlists.
  • Photo Player.
  • Playback content from AP.
  • Seamless loop.

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By • 31 May, 2017
• Section: Digital signage, Distribution signals, Events

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