Combining patterns typical coverage loudspeakers surface with the aesthetics of the ceiling speakers, these new devices represent a new category of products manufacturer.


The new Premium ceiling speakers EdgeMax of Bose Professional They provide sound coverage of an entire room at once, improving their quality compared with the behavior of traditional ceiling speakers thanks to the proprietary technology manufacturer PhaseGuide.

Designed for mounting near walls, speakers project EdgeMax high frequencies along halls up to 20 meters wide, placing them only on the perimeter, in addition to covering an area that would require up to four conventional speakers conical coverage. Thus, the need to install ceiling speakers in the central part of the room or wall surface is removed.

Thanks to this unique design and its pattern of consistent coverage, installers can better adapt to the requirements of space (shops, offices, halls, etc.), facilitating both the sound and aesthetics with optimum speech intelligibility and music .

Como señala Alan B. Shirley, product line manager de altavoces para instalación en Bose Professional, “los nuevos altavoces de techo premium EdgeMax crean una nueva categoría. Combinando los patrones de cobertura típicos de altavoces de superficie grandes con la estética de los de techo -preferidos por la mayoría de arquitectos, diseñadores e integradores- los EdgeMax proporcionan calidad de audio y cobertura superior reduciendo el número de altavoces de techo necesarios, comparándolos con modelos convencionales”.

These systems are available in two different horizontal coverage patterns. EdgeMax EM90 model has a horizontal cover 90 and is designed for ceiling near the corners of the room. Meanwhile, EdgeMax EM180 has a horizontal coverage of 180 ° and designed for ceiling mount centered near the wall.

Both models have an asymmetrical vertical coverage of 75 °, which is optimized for ceiling heights of 2.5 to 6 m, and presented for InfoComm 2017From 14 to 16 June in Orlando (Florida - USA), but is expected to be ready for commercialization in the market later this year, which in the case of Spain distributes Gaplasa.

Main features:

  • PhaseGuide technology, which provides asymmetrical vertical coverage, designed to cover the room from the ceiling and near the walls.
  • Driver diaphragm compression 1.3 "to obtain the best sound quality, with a frequency response and higher than conventional tweeters coverage.
  • Woofer 8 "adaptation to walls, for an impact of extended bass.
  • passive two-way connection 8-ohm or 70V / 100V crossover.
  • New mounting system for quick and easy installation, saving time professional work.
  • magnetic grid for quick access to wiring and transformer settings.
  • List UL1480 for installation in plenum.

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By • 13 Jun, 2017
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