A wide range of products from its catalog have been installed in this room, allowing them to interact in the same space broadcasting, live sound, audio installation and playback of high-end audiophile.

Audio-Technica Spiritland

Spiritland is the cafe, bar and restaurant has become one of the most attractive places in London for being a place where the maximum prominence is given to the music, highlighting its sound system made to measure.

Combining café, bar and radio station with a wide musical program seven days a week, Spiritland has established itself as a place to 'celebrate the art and enjoy the senses'.

The recent collaboration between Spiritland and Audio-Technica UK has led to be installed in the enclosure several products from its catalog to help deliver the wide range of interviews, question and answer sessions, performances by DJs, reproductions of records and radio broadcasts.

"Spiritland is particularly interesting for Audio-Technica UK project because it allows several of our specialized products to interact in the same space: broadcasting, live sound, audio installation and playback of high-end audiophile" explains Robert Morgan-Males, Marketing Director of Audio-Technica Europe.

Audio-Technica Spiritland

Spiritland is the heart of your sound system, which includes a pair of speakers Living Voice, Amplification valves created by the Italian manufacturer Atelier du Triode and a turntable Kuzma.

At the beginning of the audio chain is a capsule moving coil ART1000 Direct Power made by hand which is used to provide optimal audio playback from the turntable on.

The ART1000 was filed by Audio-Technica Japan in 2016 and is the result of years of research and development in technology capsules Direct Power, in which the coils are mounted directly on the tip of the needle, allowing a vivid replica details subtle sound with optimum transient response.

For playing vinyls pair turntable installed in the cabin DJ, capsules moving magnet VM selected catalog Audio-Technica are also used.

Audio-Technica Spiritland

Cinco pares de auriculares de la serie M de Audio-Technica, el ATH-M70x, y cinco micrófonos dinámicos de gran diafragma BP40 forman la base de la configuración del estudio de radio, junto a auriculares ATH-M50xMG con acabado gris mate de edición limitada, disponibles para los artistas y DJs invitados. Para la captación de sonido ambiente en la zona destinada al público, se han instalado en el techo micrófonos colgantes de condensador U853R; mientras que para las sesiones en directo y entrevistas, se utilizan micrófonos dinámicos hipercardioides ATM610a y de condensador de tipo diadema en miniatura BP892.

Audio-Technica UK has also provided a solution for playback of audio and environmental audio through two-way six-speaker audio Mask 6T Apart installed in the cafe / bar, amplified by a team Apart four-channel, configurable Revamp4120T bridged mode.

The curved design of the cabinets fit Mask 6T Spiritland aesthetic design, while an additional Revamp4120T unit amplifies the signal to different pairs of vintage speakers located in each of the four bathrooms with what has local.

Microphones, headphones and capsules used in the signal chain Spiritland help complete a mix of original analog equipment, while playing a key role in the sound quality delivered by streaming and editing capabilities of these facilities.

"Spiritland is a huge operation in a small space, with elements including hospitality, evening performances of DJs, radio broadcasts, live chats, retail and more. Audio-Technica has been involved in all aspects, from the capsules used in DJ booths until amplification throughout the premises, "said Paul Noble, artistic director of Spiritland.

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By • 20 Jun, 2017
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