Dekom Visual Solutions (formerly Vidofon) offers an extensive portfolio of professional solutions in the areas of room configuration and videoconferencing and infrastructure in high definition with a leasing financing program to the 0%.

Dekom Visual Solutions, specialized in videoconferencing and digital signal transmission solutions, offers a leasing financing program to the 0% in your telepresence solutions. New leasing program offers a cost-effective way to modernize communication infrastructures. This formula has been designed so that companies can through a fixed monthly fee, get the latest technology, without being subject to capital and without the need for a large outlay.

The flagship of this company's telepresence solutions is the Media Presence System model, a representative conference system that meets the highest demands. All components are harmonized and integrated into the wall panel and fit into a sleek, joint image. Cameras and screens are behind tinted glass screens that in turn perform the functions of speakers and unite all the elements of the multimedia wall.

The conference, image and audio work without noise, hidden in the back. All functionalities are centralized in a single control system for easy handling of all individual functions. The Media Presence System can be used in different environments with one or two monitors and with custom options.


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by • 2 Dec, 2011
• section: Telepresence / videoconference