Unprecedented technological deployment and cutting-edge technology of video mapping 4 d magic flooded plaza de Cibeles of Madrid to convert the facade of the City Hall in a big toy factory. With the show The three stars of Christmasthe Madrid City Council wished to congratulate locals and visitors with a Christmas in three dimensions along with light, sound and pyrotechnic effects that has filled the heart of the city of illusion.

Twenty minutes of lights and sound dismissed with a burst of fireworks. These three were the main elements of the show The three stars of Christmas that the city of Madrid has celebrated the start of the holiday season. The particular greeting of the City Council of the capital has been a commitment by modernity and new technologies that has made it possible to write a great postcard with the effects mentioned above with projections of light, music and pyrotechnic effects on a canvas of exception: the facade of the Palacio de Cibeles.

With the participation of Samsung as a technological partner, The three stars of Christmas It has been produced by New Media, a company specializing in the creation of events through the application of high technology and projections in 3D format which, also, on this occasion, has counted with the collaboration of the artist Bruce Ferguson. It's one of the most prestigious in the world in mapping techniques and has worked with artists such as Takashi Murakami and Chiho Aoshima, in projects of great impact, such as the Rugby World Cup or the release of the television series 'Game of Thrones'.

Next to New Media, The Darkroom has been responsible for the creative part and content, Spyglass the technical part, and the music has been composed by a London Studio.

An unparalleled experience
Besides Bruce Ferguson, the other responsible for the project were Diego de Anna and Emma Wolf. The three have developed the first "Christmas tale" based on techniques of video mapping, which is considered one of the greatest exponents of visual communication. The tale has been planned on the Cibeles Palace using a 3D model to scale, in this case of the headquarters of the city of Madrid, for which that is a piece of original video created by moments, desafiaba the laws of physics.

Thus, the capital has witnessed a spectacle which, according to the City Council, has employed for the first time in Spain a new technique to generate spectacular effects thanks to the multiple planes and edges of the facade of the Palace, and the spaces between the towers they allowed "to generate images that go beyond 3D", reaching effect 4 d thanks to leveraging that technology has made of the special characteristics of the architecture of the building.

The three stars of Christmas It started with a Palace of Cibeles crumbling - that left everyone with open mouth - to make room for a toy factory that would then transforming into a gigantic Palace of candies or an imaginative representation of the three kings, or, Finally, a huge tree of Christmas filled with congratulations in different languages about which would begin a castle of fireworks to the rhythm of the music that accompanied the show.

A real challenge
To explain it better, Anna Diego has commented that "mapping is a technique that is captured in a surface 3D volumetric image and becomes a model; "thus is achieved by means of video projection, modify its structure, creating optical illusions that change the reality, in this case, of a building".

Anna has stated that "it is the first time that it has had a history with this technique. Normally designs of striking images themselves, but in this case it has been able to enjoy a Christmas story. It's something unprecedented, a story about the relationship between a girl and a robot with all the magic of Christmas."

For those responsible for the project, the Palacio de Cibeles has been a challenge. "It is normal do mapping on surfaces without much volume, rather flat; the Cibeles Palace, on the other hand, is full of holes, volumes, and it is not easy. Without going into technical issues, there are few projectors capable of doing a job well. We moved 20 tons of equipment for this", said of Anna.



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By • 19 Dec, 2011
• Section: OUTSTANDING, Projection, Simulation