Mitsubishi Electric will unveil its new range 7000 projector installation with change of lens instant and its new installation screens outside ODT6S in ISE 2012, audiovisual largest fair in Europe, being held in Amsterdam on January 31 to 2 of February.

Mitsubishi Electric assist the Integrated Systems Europe fair with his new 7000 series of projectors for installation, which incorporates XL7100U (XGA) and WL7200U (WXGA) technology LCD projectors. Indicated for meeting rooms and surfaces of large size as for example theatres and Conference halls, these projectors generate sharp and clear presentations in order to make an impact communication successful. This range stands out for its high level of luminosity (of up to 6000 lm) and its high contrast ratio (2.000:1). Moreover, their inorganic liquid crystal projection system ensures a sharp and lively images presentation.

The new Mitsubishi technology offers a maximum resolution, since it is capable of identifying fuzzy components of the original images and correct its quality. This should add new Mitsubishi projectors have ability to projection in 360 ° of the vertical axis, i.e., allow to play on the floor or on the ceiling and extension possibilities are unlimited. In this way, enjoy a clean presentation, clear and professional is more than guaranteed.

The 7000 series has a wide range of adjustment of the lens and a system that allows you to remove it with a single gesture. Just unscrew and remove the cover anti fall, depressing the trigger and turn the lens to change it. Thus, once installed the projector, the user goes to change lenses often want a quick and easy way without complications.

The series 7000 projectors Mitsubishi, as well as being professional, is greener. The lamps have a duration, mode, 4000 hours and this reduces both the cost of operation and the work required to replace the lamps.

The power consumption in standby mode is less than 0.3 W, and if there is no image output in a period of time defined by the user, the device turns itself off automatically. In this way it saves energy and contributes to the conservation of the environment.

Another essential feature of the new projectors is extremely quiet operation at 30 DB. Thus, projectors with XL7100U and WL7200U, the role would be presentations and conferences, not the annoying noise from the projector.

In addition, Mitsubishi has integrated these new projectors a system's network connectivity by which incorporate an RJ-45 LAN terminal for remote operation. In addition, if you use the Creston RoomView, it is possible to integrate the control of up to 250 projectors. The 7000 range of installation projectors also has a modern and attractive design and a menu of 20 languages.

New screens LED ODT6S
In addition to projectors, Mitsubishi Electric will exhibit at this great showcase its wide range of high-resolution displays for outdoor use, which include its new screens for outdoor installation ODT6S. These high-resolution displays are equipped with a super thin and ultra lightweight panel that allows the easy installation in all kinds of scenarios. In this way, user do perfectly without the aid of elevators for the installation of the screens. They weigh less than 25 kg and have a depth of 50 mm. In addition, they offer 5,000 dc/m² and a package LED waterproof 3en1.

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By • 19 Jan, 2012
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