Kontroltek, company dedicated to the distribution and manufacturing of hardware solutions based on information technology and industrial electronics, has added to its catalogue of products new holographic screens of projection for museums, shopping centres, shops and shops, shop windows, facades...

EMES, Interactive projection systems division of the Group Kontroltek dedicated to the manufacture, distribution and sale of information systems and multimedia promotion, has new rear projection screens with different formats and technologies: holographic, high contrast, removable, with the possibility of adapting them blade interactive and protection antigraffity. Made of different final materials (sheet film, rigid support acrylic or fabric), are designed for use in museums, malls, stores and shops, shop windows, facades, with suspension system ready to hang or laminar above Crystal.

Adhesive holographic screens:
-Projection for show windows screens.
-Screens transparent adhesive for mounting to any surface smooth and transparent.
-Suitable for watch matches football, TV programs, promotions, events, etc., for indoor or also from the outside.
-Available in glass stand for possible changes of location, up to 100″.
-For video projectors for bright colors, even in broad daylight the day.
-Models available in 90% (Holo 90L) and 98% (Holo 98L) transparency.
-Also adapted to apply interactive touch adhesive technology and thus create the interactive showcase more spectacular market.
-Available in 40″ (855 mm x 650 mm x 1 mm) / 1, 5Kg; 50″(1000mm x 750mm x 1mm) / 2 kg; and 67″ (1330 mm x 1000 mm x 1 mm) / 3, 5 kg

Holographic screens with glass (Holo 90V and Holo 98V) support:
-Holographic projection screens installed in stands of high quality glass.
-Display with 90% and 98% of transparency for makes of bright colors even in broad daylight the day.
-Long duration. Scratch-resistant. Fire protection.
-For overhead projectors for bright colors, even in broad daylight the day.
-Also projection screens holographic interactive.
-Available in 20″ (400 mm x 300 mm) / 4 Kg; 50″(1000mm x 750mm) / 23 kg; and 67″ (1330 mm x 1000 mm) / 38 kg

Holoscreens anti-reflective (AR Holo):
-Adhesive projection screens for interiors, suitable for watching TV.
-Absorbs ambient light allowing a perfect vision of the image.
-Scratch-resistant, scratch, etc.
-Available at 40″, 50″ and 60″, 80″ 100″

64 holo:
-Holographic projection screens available in acrylic holder.
-The larger formats of the world in its category (up to 5 meters from diagonal).
-Low weight, easy installation.
-You can cut in any shape and size (triangular, round, elliptical, corporate logo).
-Available in 50″ (1077 mm x 758 mm) / 4kg; 72″ (1525 mm x 1093 mm) / 11kg; 96″ (2030 mm x 1400 mm) / 18kg; and 200″ (4115 mm x 3099 mm) / 89kg

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By • 4 Jul, 2012
• Section: Digital signage, Display