The new Setra series 5 of the Alsa transport company bus, en route Madrid-Asturias, incorporate now in each seat a touchscreen 7-inch Android, known as BusPad, so the passenger can enjoy during your journey.

ALSA screen

The transport company ALSA continues to innovate in its fleet of buses, this time in their newly-minted 'technological buses' Setra series 5, belonging to the high range of Mercedes Benz that currently cover the Madrid-Asturias route, with integration in each seat of a touch screen Multimedia 7-inch Android 2.3 System.

ALSA screenCalled BusPad, this Tablet Android allows you to run the passenger features pre-installed for your individual "entertainment", as they define it in the company, such as keyboard for navigation and telephony web, DVD, audio CD, radio, Bluetooth module and headphones input, etc. so the user can choose the entertainment à la carte offerings.

BusPad offers films of different genres, six channels of TV (TDT and satellite), digital media and e-books, games, audio files, etc. as well as incorporating a USB charger to power any mobile device user and your trip be as comfortable as possible.

One of the curious features offered by BusPad is that the passenger can view at any time if so desired your luggage from the trunk, thanks to video surveillance in this space cameras settings, or also to observe the road, but with the vision that has the driver.

ALSA screen

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By • 10 Jul, 2013
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