The Valencian company Paradox has developed the platform for augmented reality Zientia which includes different applications, such as Chemistry 101, designed to enhance the learning experience.

Zientia augmented reality platform

Zientia a platform of increased, driven by the Valencian company reality is Paradox Team, bringing This technology to the educational environment, implementing a new way of teaching of useful for teachers and students. It is one of the 15 winning projects from the programme support to entrepreneurs shuttle.

Zientia includes various educational applications that have as common denominator technologies such as augmented reality and images in three dimensions. It offers tools for all the school cycles, from infant to high school, that encourage learning in a more direct, interactive and visual way. All this from an environment very flexible, able to adapt to all kinds of scenarios, both classrooms like home, as used with different devices, such as computers, interactive whiteboard or tablet, and it is possible to create content in different languages. "It's a platform that incorporates new learning methods, more intuitive and interactive than the traditional ones, in addition to charting components of video games," says Diego Porto general director of Paradox.

Zientia augmented reality platform

From the Zientia website, it is possible to download, for free, applications and use them as a test or tokens that complement the use of augmented reality applications.

The Zientia platform was presented in mid-January in one of the classrooms of the colegio Julio Verne, located in Vedat, Valencian town of Torrent, where students and teachers have tried it for several weeks. During this period there have been tests with modules of chemistry for high school, biology of the human body for pupils of primary and even experimental prototypes of interactive applications for early childhood education.

Zientia augmented reality platform

Chemistry 101

The first educational product developed for the Zientia platform has been Chemistry 101, application that teacher can incorporate the technology of augmented reality to their explanation, offering a more visual understanding of the concepts. In addition, through the use of the interactive whiteboard students may leave interactive exercises under the guidance of the teacher. Finally, the teacher can propose a series problems that students work individually from their laptops and tablets.

Chemistry 101 has some elements of gamification which granted to the application an additional level of interaction and allow you to create collaborative moments or competition among participants.

Other two applications is available on the Zientia website: Geometry101 and Anatomy101. The first allows to study the properties of Polyhedra of the mathematical world, showing them, thanks to the AR, from different points of view; While the second is designed to study the human body and display parts of the skeleton with a 3D representation.

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By • 21 Jan, 2014
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