Full Bosch matrix audio system was the option chosen by the Hard Rock Café in Sydney since the local required eight zones of distribution with sound control and this solution includes a 8 × 8 DSP mixer and speakers with fixed DSP architecture processor.

Bosch at Hard Rock Cafe Sydney

The Hard Rock Cafe in Sydney (Australia) has become one of the favorite destinations of leisure and restoration of the city. After reopening in July 2011, opposite the port of Darling Harbour, this establishment has a capacity of more than 500 people and includes a lounge bar, an outdoor dining terrace and an area of live performances. Famous for its decor, hamburgers, merchandising and cocktails, the Hard Rock Cafe chain follows depending on its ambient music and professional audio systems to offer live music.

The original audio system was considered unsatisfactory for the needs of the local of Sydney since it needed a more powerful solution. VisionX It was the company responsible for installing a digital solution designed by evil Barnes, consultant director of Umow Lai.

Bosch at Hard Rock Cafe Sydney

The local required eight zones of distribution with sound control, so full matrix opted for digital system of Bosch Security Systems to respond to this requirement, since it includes a 8 × 8 DSP mixer and speakers with fixed DSP architecture processor. And to ensure the reinforcement of sound, the VisionX team installed a sound system with technology Bosch, consisting of Electro-Voice speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers.

The full matrix system provides complete control of digital audio, with maximum flexibility and reliability. This solution includes an intuitive graphic interface, DSP processor, two types of 4-channel class D, a station of call and a wall panel. Up to 8 zones can be easily routed with different ads, music or voice live. In addition, the system can be controlled wirelessly via an iPad, iPod or iPhone.

Bosch at Hard Rock Cafe Sydney

Due to the opening hours of the local, VisionX team was forced to ride within a week, the Bosch Electro-Voice sound system during evenings, once customers had evicted the local. Thanks to its philosophy consolle, full matrix solution allowed a quick and efficient installation of the system.

"Until recently, such a reform would have been a great challenge, but already it is not." The full matrix system is fully programmable and staff can be flexible with the areas. For installations that require control of cost, saving energy consumption in the long term and the initial costs of installation are attractive benefits for any owner or Manager,"says evil Barnes.

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By • 24 Apr, 2014
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