Tyco Retail Solutions has signed an agreement with Inditex Group to provide intelligence of inventory based on RFID in seven hundred stores its Zara brand, distributed in twenty-two countries.

Tyco Trec security in retail

The Spanish firm Inditex, one of the largest suppliers of fashion world, has signed an agreement with Tyco Retail Solutions to implement its intelligence solution of inventory at the point of sale, based on RFID technology, seven hundred stores its Zara brand, distributed in twenty-two countries around the world.

This solution provides visibility in real time of the entire inventory of the point of sale, with fast and reliable of the type of garment, color, size, etc. data enabling the owner, in this case the Inditex Group, to create accurate plans of marketing and catalogues customized products to improve the shopping experience and service to the customer throughout their chain of Zara stores.

Inditex shop Zara labels TycoTyco intelligent inventory visibility "supports the strategic objectives omnicanal of Inditex, ensuring that the right products are on the spot at the right time - explained from this company-. With this solution based on RFID, Inditex is achieving operational efficiencies by improving the processes of inventory and better controls to reduce the shrinkage and theft, which optimizes your investment in inventory and manages to maximize sales and margins".

For this project, Inditex uses hard tags and the setters at the point of sale of Zara with dual technology RFID/Acustomagnetica (RFID/AM) Tyco Sensormatic, which not only provide the visibility of all inventory, but they allow you to control the loss unknown acustomagnetica anti-theft technology and improve safety in the shop.

Tyco Sensormatic tagUnder the terms of the agreement, Tyco also is responsible for the management of the programme of recirculation of tags stores for reuse, which improves the profitability of the solution while respecting the environment.

For Pablo Isla, Chairman of Inditex, "the introduction of this new technology is one of the most important changes in the operations of the Group stores Inditex to date".

Moreover, the President of Tyco Retail Solutions, Nancy Chisholm, stresses that "Inditex has been a valuable customer for Tyco for many years, and we are delighted to know the good operating results and the success of the deployment of our RFID solutions "to have visibility into inventory in real time, which the company keep pace with fashion trends and the needs of the buyers".

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By • 23 Jul, 2014
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