Flexibility, portability and audio and video with high quality for long-distance fluid and with a great performance of cost communication are the features that Sony offers with its new Wireless HD video conferencing system.

Sony pcsxc1

PCS-XC1 system extends the range of videoconferencing in HD of Sonywith wireless compatibility and versatile collaboration tools to organize meetings of company from anywhere in the world.

The Exmor CMOS sensor and system PCS-XC1 View-DR technology produce clear images, even when recording with the light of a window or under other lighting conditions adverse as, for example, when using a projector, it is possible to adjust the brightness of each pixel to take advantage of the shadows and reduce hot spots. In addition, the PTZ camera can be adjusted to any desired viewing angle.

The standard system transmits HD images with a resolution of 720 p up to 60 fps. The optional PCSA-RXC1 HD software update extends its transmission capacity up to 1080 p, which allows a simultaneous transmission to 30 fps video at HD conferences and H.239-compatible desktop screen image; both at a resolution of 1.920 × 1. 080p. To apply the update, the system becomes an ideal solution for design conferences and similar enclosures that need to share high-resolution images.

Sony pcsxc1Optimization of system PCS-XC1 sound technology guarantees a high quality audio that fits the room acoustics and the position of the microphone. This procedure works in conjunction with a new set of microphones to offer a clear reproduction of sounds, both near and away from the same.

PCS-XC1, with a weight of 1.8 Kg, is easy to transport for use in Conference rooms and spaces of office of all sizes. PCSA-WXC1 optional Sony wireless software installation and the connection of a USB wireless LAN module facilitate mobile videoconferencing through wireless LAN.

To Alessandro Marcello, product manager at Sony Europe visual communication solutions, "PCS-XC1 makes mobile participation a reality. Install Sony mobile access software on this system and the Ipela Communication (PCS-MEP) compatible with H.323 on a tablet or smart phone allows to participate in lectures from anywhere ".

Available on the market next month of November, Marcello stresses that this new system "offers an effective solution with a high cost performance for a wide variety of customers. Now, videoconferences are flexible and portable rather than being limited to a room, since PCS-XC1 eliminates these traditional limitations."

Other features of PCS-XC1

  • HD streaming: visualization of meetings through browsers for desktops or laptops.
  • Recording in HD: USB memory storage.
  • Note: use a graphics tablet (sold separately) to make annotations in videos and snapshots.
  • Intuitive user interface: a translucent menu cascade maintains the video in sight at all times.
  • Anti-theft protection: Kensington security lock.

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By • 8 Oct, 2014
• Section: Thoroughly, Telepresence / Videoconferencing