From 12 to 15 November, is being held in Düsseldorf (Germany) medical 2014, fair to Sony which has attended to show the way in which technologies such as 4K, and low-latency IP infrastructure provide new opportunities to share content within and outside the operating room.

Sony HMS-3000MT in surgery

Visitors who come to Medical 2014, an event which opened on 12 November and that will continue until Saturday 15 in Düsseldorf (Germany), you can see at the booth of Sony How capture, print, share, and present images both inside and outside the operating room in the different phases of a medical workflow.

Also, is also showing its range of solutions of communication and education at distance improve as the use of the content captured in 2D and 3D, during talks pre and post-operative surgical staff.

From the research, learning and the diagnosis to surgery and treatment, Sony redefines 2D and 3D medical images to contribute to the improvement of clinical decision-making.

Sony LMD2765md

Display for medical imaging

Within their visual ecosystem, Sony is giving unveiled the latest generation of LMD-2765MD, LMD-2760MD and monitors for surgery minimally invasive and microsurgery. They are 27-inch with OptiContrast Technology LCD equipment, which offer less glare and more clear display, even in high ambient lighting conditions.

Sony hvo500mdEasy to use, these monitors produce images from video in Full HD quality from laparoscopic and endoscopic cameras, as well as other medical systems of compatible image capture.

In the environment of the medical HD video recorders, news focuses on models HVO-500MD (without optical DVD drive) and HVO-550MD (with DVD optical drive), about teams with recording capabilities in high definition that have been designed specifically for perform a medical recordings and that they serve as support for modern workflows using units internal hard disk and external USB devices (Flash memory or hard drive), or storage devices with networking (NAS), as well as flows of more conventional work using DVD-R discs.

Sony at Medica 20144K for medicine

Sony will show at Medica 2014 how 4K technology, which offers four times the number of pixels to Full HD, can move forward for the benefit of the medical market.

Visitors see how planning for the 4K distribution over IP and can discover the way in which 4 K can provide clinical benefits in the short term.

Sony UP-X898MD3D IP content

Sony is also showing at their booth how the 3D content via IP video transmission, retransmission of live procedures and education in surgery can be transferred.

The integral 3D Sony workflow helps surgeons, educators enjoy a more realistic visual experience and operating room staff. Since the capture and playback to your recording, editing and presentation, Sony's 3D improves visual communication in all of the hospital.

In addition, Sony has come with ergonomic HMS-3000MT head mount display for use in endoscopic surgery, the latest HD, the HVO-3000MT 3D video recorder, and the 3D monitor for applications medical LMD-3251MT.

In the field of printing, the latest generation of peripherals in black and white are represented by the models UP-D898MD, UP-X898MD, UP-971AD and UP-991AD that improve workflows for medical applications, including technologies like ultrasound.

Audiovisual solutions for health

Sony HMS-3000MT in surgery

Sony is making known the way images captured before, during and after the surgery can be transferred or archived for later use in the clinical review, patients records and both face-to-face and distance education. And therefore has a wide range of solutions.

Education sector:

  • Vision Presenter: presentation tool that makes sharing content during conferences and seminars more efficient and attractive to controlling intuitively up to 10 content sources simultaneously, such as videos, images and PowerPoint slides.
  • SRG - 300 H: camera PTZ colour on desktop or ceiling mounting for applications of video conferencing where you need visuals, thanks to its optical zoom 30 x and its 60 fps frame rate.
  • Content Management Server (CMS): prototype of technological demonstration of his vision of on-demand education, which uses your software application to manage the contents that are generated in the operating room.
  • Optical Disc Library Archive (ODE): solution of data storage large capacity heavy duty and reliable that stores and archives all long-term audiovisual assets and medical data file formats.

Distance communication:

  • PCS-XC1: videoconferencing Full HD laptop, wireless and integrated for medical communications.
  • NXL-IP55: transmission live 3D images through a single LAN cable with low latency for applications such as endoscopic surgery and microsurgery, which often used the images in 3D. This technology allows transmission real-time 3D out of the operating room images directly to doctors or during conferences.

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