Built with 2 fashion design, Brilliance 275C5QHAW 27-inch monitor Philips IPS integrates 7 Watt speakers for surround sound and Bluetooth connectivity for wireless transmission.


MMD It has unveiled the new monitor of Philips, Brilliance 275C5QHAW, a team with 27-inch IPS display that combines great visual quality with an expansive sound, produced by your speakers of 7 watts, and Bluetooth connectivity to stream music and video. These features are introduced in a team that has been built with an elegant design of narrow bezel and a crystal that goes from edge to edge.

IB_S_BASIC_COPYRIGHT ="This new LCD display offers not only a great fashion 2 design, but it also incorporates a broad vision and a combined in a single device listening experience. Also notable for its integrated speakers surround sound and Bluetooth connectivity to eliminate the mess of wires", explains Thomas Schade, Vice President of MMD in EMEA.

275C5QHAW screen has a minimalist look and an enveloping elegance whose edge takes up minimal space. Foreign thick bezel measures do not exceed 2.5 mm, and black matrix Strip Panel is 3.5 mm wide.

IB_S_BASIC_COPYRIGHT =With its AH-IPS technology and an extra wide viewing angle, this screen offers high-resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 p.

This new Philips team has Bluetooth technology that allows to transmit wirelessly music and video from a compatible device.

The screen Bluetooth speaker system is also an effective way to make and receive calls without headphones thanks to your speaker.

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By • 16 Dec, 2014
• Section: Audio, Display