Sono has provided the audiovisual equipment, control systems and infrastructures that have pointed out for the exhibition "Barcelona Metropolis" of the WBA.

Sono exhibition Metropolis Barcelona

Until 26 April the exhibition organised by the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona can visit at Disseny Hub)WBA) and that aims to show the urban transformations that Barcelona suffered from 1976 until the present as well as future possibilities of transformation.

An exhibition that is a look at the city dynamic and impactful using audiovisual technologies and whose project the company has been responsible I'mthat it has designed audiovisual systems, control and data, as well as implement the associated link infrastructures.

Sono exhibition Metropolis Barcelona

Sono has provided rental of audiovisual material, installation and programming of the system of control and synchronizations between the different sources.

The exhibition consists of 19 conceptual areas, notably the "audiovisual cloud" which includes 10 projection screens mounted on inclined racks, hanging racks. The image of this cloud is synchronized with a videomapping projected on the model of the metropolitan area.

Sono exhibition Metropolis Barcelona

In total 11 3xLCD projectors have been installed in Panasonic16, iPad, 18 LCDs HP 23 inches and 12 LCD screens Samsung of 40 ". In this exhibition can also see a video wall of 2 × 2 configured with 55 inch display systems, an interactive screen Philips 42 inch and another 19 of Elo TouchSystems used to interact with the videowall.

It comes to breeding systems have been installed 37 solid state Player Full HD, ten of which are earmarked for the area of the cloud that sent signal synchronized 10 projectors and other three solid-state 4K resolution of BrightSign. Using the softwarw Dataton Watchout managed the outputs to the video wall and the video mapping of the model that is synchronized with the image of the cloud.

Sono exhibition Metropolis Barcelona

Several systems coordinated the Fund's exposure and the different specific areas of JBL Professional, Yamaha Y Bose they make up the infrastructure of audio.

All this AV equipment is managed centrally by a system with LAN and power control of Crestron enabling automation, shutdown and lighting of the room, as well as remote management, telemaintenance and dump contents.

The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) is an administrative area made up of 36 municipalities, including Barcelona, with a population of 3.225.058 inhabitants and an area of 633 km². It has powers in urban planning, public space, transportation and mobility, waste management, integrated cycle of water and economic development, among other services.

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By • 3 Mar, 2015
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