Traxon-Osram and Susaeta have been the companies responsible for providing the new stadium of San Mamés a dynamic lighting system, based on the Engine driver fx and Micro Video Converter software, which turns its facade into a multimedia show.

Traxon and Susaeta illuminated San Mames

The new stadium of San Mamés, headquarters of the Athletic Club of Bilbao, replaces the old facility that had more than a hundred years old and which is popularly known as the Cathedral of football.

The new stadium maintains the atmosphere of the old cathedral but incorporating modern elements that make it connect with the city and its surroundings. It is for this that has been taken into account in its design conception of the volume built as urban building, in relation to the other, and not as a mere sports facility.

It has set up value to those places of the stadiums that traditionally do not have it; i.e. the space between the perimeter of the stadium and the back of the bleachers that constitute spaces of movement where accessed and returns from the bleachers that is the principal place of all the football field.

Traxon and Susaeta illuminated San Mames

Another of the key elements which has been taken into account in its design has been the lighting system that allows that the stadium is visible at night, creating an urban landmark on the estuary that casts the image of Bilbao to the outside. Companies TraxonOsram Y Susaeta they have been responsible for this dynamic lighting effect.

San Mamés Stadium has been equipped with him a total of 2,500 vertical candles that are mounted on the facade with a design consisting of five horizontal rings.

Each candle, five meters high and equipped with a 90 degree turn, is illuminated by 17 modules adjustable ultra bright Dot XL-6 RGB. Profiles were created to measure to accommodate each of these Dot perpendicular to the candles.

Traxon and Susaeta illuminated San Mames

To obtain the perfect dispersion of the beam, each point is located at a different angle along with a paralumen specially designed in order to prevent the direct view points.

A total of 42,500 points Led RGB light up the facade of the stadium, creating an amazing multimedia content and stunning lighting effects. Dynamic light show lighting sequences are played using scripts e:cue, made with Micro Video Converter software)VMC), which is combined with the lighting Engine control engine (LCE-fx) fx by Traxon.

Traxon and Susaeta illuminated San Mames

360-degree multimedia façade gives a unique character to the San Mamés Stadium, creating an urban landmark on the ría de Bibao.

The new San Mamés Stadium, with capacity to 53,000 towns, is the venue hosting the Athletic Club football matches, although it also has a Center for sports innovation and other sports medicine, an underground track and a polideportivo municipal. In addition, also used as venue for major concerts.

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By • 10 Mar, 2015
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