The German d & b audiotechnik has presented during the recent celebration of Prolight + Sound 2015 his MAX2 stage monitor, offering new features of sound pressure level combined with vocal presence and Sonic uniformity of high quality features.

DB audio Prolight and Sound2015

Attendees to the 2015 Edition of Prolight + Soundcompleted a few days ago in the German city of Frankfurt (details on) Digital AV Magazine), they have been able to know in detail the functions and performance of new stage MAX2 monitor of d&b audiotechnikwhose passive unit can be mounted to a bar on a subwoofer of this manufacturer and used as a small set of full range or to carry out the original scenario monitoring tasks.

Small and lightweight format, MAX2 provides a wide covering 55 Hz frequency response to 18 kHz, with a 75° conical dispersion. The engine's low-frequency (LF) of 15 "neodymium, as well as the 1.4" mounted coaxially, compression share the same structure of the magnet, which allows a compact and discreet design of the plywood, protected by a metal grill rigid box.

DB audio MAX2MAX2 can be powered with amplifiers of d & b through the adjustments that incorporates or linear power amplifier, allowing you to integrate seamlessly with existing solutions for stage monitoring.

Regardless of your application, this monitor offers great stability of feedback and sound pressure level capabilities are combined with excellent performance of vocal presence and uniformity Sonic, bringing clarity to artists and performers of all genres.

To Werner 'Vier' Bayer, director of d & b product, "the reality of this system is to provide optimal acoustic results to the public and to the interpreters. MAX2 is inspired by the monitor MAX d & b original, used on stages all over the world. It is the ideal solution for those scenarios where clarity and consistency are key requirements."

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By • 21 Apr, 2015
• Section: Audio, Events