The National Stadium of Santiago de Chile, venue of the opening ceremony of the South American international football championship, the America's Cup 2015, had fifty Pointe de Robe luminaires that created beams of light and aerial effects during the show.

Robe Pointe America's Cup2015

The America's Cup, main football competition between south american national teams, has counted for its forty-fourth edition -finished first of July with the victory for the first time in its history of the selection of Chile, host also of the call for 2015-, with the lighting technology of Steal for the opening ceremony.

Fifty Pointe luminaires, with grandMA control, have been part of the lighting design made by the specialist Toni Amoros for this ceremony that took place at the National Stadium in Santiago de Chile, attended by 60.000 football fans.

Robe Pointe America's Cup2015

The Pointe luminaires were located around the playing field to create different beams of light and spectacular aerial effects while the opening show was held., in which six hundred actors participated, musicians and dancers, with a stage decorated with twelve gigantic balls illuminated from inside that represented each of the nations of the competition.

The installation and supply of the luminaires has been carried out by the Chilean company Orbita Producciones, under the programming direction of Toni Amorós, who worked in direct collaboration with the creative director of the show, Stephen Icardi, by Icardi Producciones, for the development of the opening ceremony, which was broadcast live on television on Chile Films, Channel 13 and TVN.

Robe Pointe America's Cup2015

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by • 17 jul, 2015
• section: Case studies, Events, lighting