Eight projectors Christie Roadster HD18K and HD20K-J were responsible for performing the screening of 15 × 20 meters above a passable ground, located at 4 meters below the level of the spectators, and combine contents of pre-recorded video with actors that they interact in vivo.

Christie Energy Space

All the years Fraunhofer, the largest organisation in Europe devoted to applied sciences, it rewards four research teams which have distinguished themselves through their scientific achievements. Fraunhofer 2014 awards ceremony was held under the slogan 'with a new energy' and was the interaction between the energy and innovation.

The 700 guests at this event, from the world of finance, policy, and research, met at the Konzerthaus Freiburg and were able to enjoy a show that showed a sophisticated projection of 15 x 20 meters above a passable ground just four metres below the level of the audience.

The staging of this show, called 'Energy Space', combined video prerecorded and interactive content and participation of live actors. A very artistic way to approach research projects were presented to the public surrounding the area of projection.

Christie Energy Space

The design and the staging of the interactive show were the work of the company Onliveline, with Freider Weiss in charge of interactive content and Heinz Stricker (ave3) of the production of video content. The partner of Christie, b.MediaIt was visually interpret the complex project using eight projectors Roadster HD18K and HD20K-J.

These teams were hung in suspension parts, located at 11 meters, and is connected wirelessly to the content through interactive remote controls. The area of projection of the floor was divided into three different areas that melted into a single scenario through a process of soft edge (soft edge). Each of these sections two projectors Roadster HD18K, creating double projections, were what was possible thanks to which each team had its own signal, allowing you to individually adjust each image.

Other two Roadster HD20K-J projectors were used as part of an interactive media system that was responding to the movements of the actors.

Christie Energy Space

"The difficulty of this installation resided in the projection of the content from the top down." The teams have to project down, without barriers, and without that cause problems with the circulation of air in the projector or Xenon lamps", explains Ronny Zielke, CEO of b.Media.

HD18K and HD20K-J models are completely reliable and do not present interference by what were appropriate for this project. In addition, when it comes 3DLP projectors produce light that is required to achieve, by difficult and complex to be the projected surface, bright and attractive colours.

An added difficulty, in the opinion of Zielke, was the need to manage projectors 11 metres from the ground, as once installed in its final location could not put them any kind of adjustment. That is why the content operator had to make all optical adjustments on the ground and go by superimposing the images projected from the required height.

Christie Energy Space

Lens changes it had to manage projectors from the ground, to what was used to a wireless local area network and a control software on a PC, with corrected minor variations with media programming.

The complexity of the unusual projection forced b.Media to test the installation of the device in your own test lab, a work carried out in collaboration with the agency responsible for implementing the project.

This concept of onliveline has won various prizes, including the gold Famab in category the best corporate event, a gold to the best European event in the B2B category and a special prize for the best technical innovation.

Christie Energy Space

Images of 6 meters wall

In addition to this spectacular projection, at the annual Conference of Fraunhofer was also another with two projectors Roadster HD12K.

On a wall of pictures of six meters above the speaker lectern viewers could watch live images of the delivery of prizes, details on the projects submitted and interviews with the winners.

For the projection two HD cameras and lenses with amplification and were used 42 x 87 x, as well as a Wireless HD camera with a wide-angle lens that was moving for the entire audience to show what was happening in the room and the interviews that were happening.

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