Designed with double-sided and with a size of more than 60 meters, NanoCurve screen is the medium with which the Miami International Airport welcomes passengers with beautiful and shocking images and videos to introduce you to your tour of the area.

Miami Airport NanoLumens Clickeffects

With more than forty million annual passengers, the Miami International Airport is the second busiest of United States. So far, the first image they had when they came to this beautiful and luminous city of the region of Florida was a terminal without windows and gray, very counter-productive to promote its image and tourism.

Precisely for this reason, the Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD) undertook the task of updating and improving the terminal's international arrivals with the idea that the first vision that passengers would have when they landed after a long trip were environments of great natural beauty and tourism in the region with a welcome message.

Miami Airport NanoLumens Clickeffects

"The aim was to include in graphic and visual paradise places of Miami and South Florida that lift the spirit and the smile of the travellers immediately when you reach your destination in the arrivals terminal after long hours of travel - explains Richard Garcia ", MCDAD-, because there is a second chance to cause a first impression, and that we have succeeded with this solution".

This directive refers to solution manufacturer of display systems Led NanoLumens, who was selected for this project, based on the model of double sided NanoCurve, with pixel pitch of 4 mm, and a curved size of more than 60 meters long.

Miami Airport NanoLumens Clickeffects

"When we started to investigate what the best manufacturers of Led screens and other options of Visual platforms - remember Garcia - find proposals with curved screens, but few options for double-sided displays, which had to install two" screens (back with back), resulting in a system that is as heavy as thickness. "We discovered that NanoLumens was the only company that offered a screen really double sided, with ultra frame narrow and curved format, which fits exactly to wanted it".

NanoCurve screen illuminates nearly all areas of the terminal's international arrivals with images of landscapes and sunny beaches of the zone, shown simultaneously on both sides so that all passengers can see them through the control system and content management Clickeffects Blaze.

Miami Airport NanoLumens Clickeffects

This software allows you to create, in very simple way for operators, screens segmented Led panel to show videos uncompressed, graphic overlays and information in real time in an independent way, or an image only along the entire length of NanoCurve surface.

The project carried out at the international terminal at the Miami airport arrivals joins the accomplished, with a screen also NanoCurve (of one side in the form of wave and with pixel 6.6 mm pich), in the Darwin international airport from Australia (details on) Digital AV Magazine).

Miami Airport NanoLumens Clickeffects

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By • 21 Jan, 2016
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