The company is committed to innovation of the means of production and the continuous improvement of the service your customers with this console that combines, in a modular design, the best of two reference postroduccion of audio industry solutions: Icon & System 5.

Best Digital Avid S6 CSS Audiovisual

Best Digital, one of the companies of reference in Europe in the field of production and postproduction of audio for film, has incorporated a console Avid S6 M40 and a digital projector 4K SRX - 515P of Sony in its main hall for audio post-production at its headquarters in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid).

This elegant mixing console combines a design modular, the best two reference solutions in the industry of audio postroduccion: Icon & System 5. The configuration of the S6, integrated console for CSS AudiovisualIt is 32 fader and is integrated with a next-generation Pro Tools HDX2 system, allowing you to tackle more demanding with the highest production projects.

Avid S6 has been installed in the mixtures for cinema room Dolby Premier Atmos of Best Digital, which has a volume of 500 cubic meters and a projection screen of 25 square meters. This space also boasts an AMS Neve DFC Gemini 32 console fader, which can be operated individually or in conjunction with the new Avid S6, depending on the characteristics of the project or the needs of the client.

Best Digital Avid S6 CSS Audiovisual

In addition, Best Digital has also added 4K projector SRX-515P of Sonyapproved by JIU, equipped with optical engine SXRD and grand opening goal made ELD glass to create a very fine point 4K image.

This system offers a large capacity of storage, ingest and transfer of DCP's high speed. It has two standard HDMI inputs that allow the reproduction of alternative content, such as live video and playback Blu-ray.

Installation and start-up of the SRX-515P of Sony 4 K digital projector has been responsibility Cinematography PereiraWhile the integration and installation of console Avid S6 has been effected by CSS Audiovisual Technology.

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By • 25 Feb, 2016
• Section: General