The lighting system consists of 4 units WD 2012 DMX, who are in charge of feeding the Spotlight Theatre 650-1000 and Spotlight Multiprofile Spot R26 44 and that are controlled by a DMX 4824 Stage. The structure of audio is supported with 14 WND 6 units and amplifiers SP 2800 and 2400 Zenith.

Work Pro Mark Pro Alfa Romeo Museum

The Storico Alfa Romeo Museum, which is located in the Centre of the Italian city of Arese, near Milan, has optimized its lighting and sound systems. The Museum aims to focus a timeline from the beginning until today, showing each of the cars according to their year of manufacture and category, in addition to pilots who took part in the brand and the palmares of victories that throughout its history l Mark has earned the sector most significant races and Championships.

Products have been installed in the new Alfa Romeo historical Museum, of Work Pro Y Mark Prowhose brands distributed Equipsonsome of them intended for lighting cars along the route that the visitor makes to its passage by the automotive footprint that the Italian brand has made more of its hundred years of life. Moreover, the facilities are equipped with a sound system in which it was also decided by the Work Pro solutions.

Work Pro Mark Pro Alfa Romeo Museum

The lighting system consists of 4 units WD 2012 DMX, a dimmer to control up to 12 DMX channels, and thanks to your CPU of 32 bit and the LCD display shows graphics and configuration options. Configuration with which feed 22 Spotlight Theatre 650-1000 and the 22 Spotlight Multiprofile Spot R26, that have been implemented throughout the entire Museum and who are responsible for lighting and light on each of the automotive gems that are exposed.

Both models focus, are controlled by a Stage 4824 DMX, a control console DMX which, together with the focus and the dimmer models recreate a specific lighting to highlight each of the exposed products.

With regard to the installation of audio, the Museum has 14 units of the WND model distributed by the exhibiting area 6, and which, according to area, are amplified by the model of stage SP 2800 or Zenith 2400.

Work Pro Mark Pro Alfa Romeo Museum

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By • 27 Jun, 2016
• Section: Audio, Study cases, Control, illumination