8 projectors D12WU-H and DXG1051-Q two generated a total of 130,000 lumens on stage and producing high-resolution RGB pixels 20,000,000 have been used for the staging. Four video server, one of system control and others as players for sending signals to each projector are used for the reproduction of the content.

Musical Christie Franciscus

1DLP projectors of Christie they are having a starring role in 'Franciscus', the Argentinean musical, based on the life of San Francisco de Asis, which triumphs in the Broadway Theatre of Buenos Aires. The work has an unpublished technical deployment in South America and includes a scenery mapped in charge of 11 projectors of the Series H and Q, designed by the company Digital projections.

Two hours are displayed spectacular lighting resources, eight projections of high quality simultaneous mapped, a band live, acrobatics of height and a striking wardrobe.
More than 50 artists in scene, 12 musicians live, 40 technicians, seven responsible for costumes for 600 changes and thousands of stimuli to make this work the Latin-American musical of the year.

"Franciscus was designed from its inception as a multidisciplinary show. In this sense, the scenic video is the resource that allows us to work many theatrical aspects, but also narrative, cinematographic and musical passages. We believe that only with the use of this resource we can give dynamic and modernity to a history between the middle ages and the present time,"explains Maxi Vecco, co-CEO and designer of stage video of the work.

Musical Christie Franciscus

The project involved mapping all the scenery, approximately 480 square meters of screening at eight different levels. Two side walls that move from the stage to the audience, the proscenium arch, four levels of legs, Peroni tulle and a break in the middle of the stage. In addition, we had to integrate mapping a 12 × 6 Led display, 5 meters located in the back of the stage.

"The client not only wanted to map the scenery highlighting its depth, but also create the illusion of a single screen in a single plane for several films, despite the different levels and angles of the surfaces on which it" projects", says Laura Molina, Manager of the division of special projects of digital projections.

Digital projections designed all the technique, from generation templates for deformation and adaptation of the videos to the mapping, to determine what projectors use, where to install them, types of lenses, light concentration was going to achieve, the pixel sizes, how to calibrate the image to different surfaces and textures of projection and how to synchronize the various cues of video with sound and lighting console.

Musical Christie Franciscus

For this staging have been used nine projectors Christie D12WU-H, with WUXGA resolution and 12,000 lumens Center, and two Christie DXG1051-Q, 10,400 Center lumens with XGA resolution. In the representation are located on a stick at the height of the Pullman Super, and specialty media have been developed to build groups of two projectors in tandem. Some projectors are used in photo mode. Total generated 130,000 lumens on stage and produced a total of 20,000,000 pixel RGB resolution.

"We recommend Christie projectors for its image quality, versatility in the Assembly and its calibration and operation security software. The challenge was great and we needed a proven and reliable equipment that deliver us high quality reproductions. Also by the need to use some photo projections and by the requirement of the customer that we offer an internationally recognized equipment", says Laura Molina.

Four video servers, one of system control and the other three as players for sending signals to each projector are used for the reproduction of the content. With these servers is accomplished that despite having an Led display and other eight different projection planes, the illusion that it's a single screen is generated.

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By • 18 Oct, 2016
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