La Roca Village has launched this project pioneer in which recent advances in Visual systems, virtual reality, wireless communications, tools, analytical or robotic, to name a few, are designed for and by offering the customer a moment only when it enters a shop.


Technology companies from the audiovisual environment and IT, as Admire, Idneo, Intel, Microsoft Y Panasonic, they have participated with their systems to improve the customer experience in the environment retail in the project carried out at La Roca Village, a Barcelona shopping area, that has been chosen in the framework of Catalonia Smart Country Tour and coinciding with Smart City Expo World Congress 2016, that last Hill its doors in Fira Barcelonato show how a shop in the short term.

Under the heading of Smart Boutique, these companies have created what has been called "the first laboratory for innovation in retail", as he explains the release of La Roca Village, aiming of "move visitors shopping experience which will be in the" future store".

Smart-boutique-la-rock-villageAnd thus it happens when entering Smart Boutique a robot (robotized virtual assistant) that not only welcomes the client or thank your visit when he left, but it offers individual attention if requested.

In this space in which large-scale, touch tables and settings videowall screens designed a spectacular commercial showcase, also have been deployed tools and capabilities to offer the maximum comfort, information and interactivity to the buyer, from digital testers and virtual fitting room, garments that are projected on the Exhibitor, videomapping object analytics, augmented reality, etc.

Smart-boutique-la-rock-villageThanks to this technology, the buyer can receive instant information of a product focus only on your mobile phone to the same, as well as sharing the images that can be done in an innovative photocall on social networks via the WiFi of the establishment.

In this environment, Panasonic has presented first time in Europe its Light ID solution, specially developed for the retail sector, which uses light as a means of communication to send content to the smartphone.

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By • 18 Nov, 2016
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