With a large palette with Ultra Wide Color and a curved screen 1800R with Adaptive Sync technology, the new model 278E8QJAB increases depth perception and reduces image distortion.

MMD sells the new monitor Philips 278E8QJAB, 27 "curved screen with a radius of 1,800 mm. to provide a greater feeling of depth and immersion in the content, incorporating accurate color Ultra Wide Color, combined with Adaptive Sync to achieve a very smooth viewing experience without stuttering, tearing or motion blur reproduction technology.

For Artem Khomenko, product manager for Philips MMD Monitors in Europe, "this screen curved line on our monitors to a wider audience, and this is just the beginning. We are developing a complete line of curved monitors to be launched this year, with which we emphasize MMD's commitment to innovative technology that provides experiences easier and more enjoyable work. "

The 278E8QJAB monitor offers one of the widest ranges of colors on the market thanks to Ultra Wide Color with 130% sRGB (104% NTSC), which expands improving hardware instead of adjusting the software settings.

This innovation is useful for filmmakers, photographers, editing, etc. they can rely on accurate color reproduction as we have reflected in their work.

To this vertical alignment technology Va Led, offering high static relations for more vivid and bright images, with greater performance monitor for images and graphics applications is added contrast.

Available on the market in the month of March, the monitor equipped with a DisplayPort to transfer high-speed data and an HDMI port as well as a pair of stereo speakers.

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By • 2 Mar, 2017
• Section: Thoroughly, Display